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The Humble Potato-Not

Potatoes are probable the most versatile of all known foods. Okay, so partly why I say this is because I love potatoes, but really, just look at some of the ways you can fix a potato:

  1. Like the picture above-slice with a vegetable slicer and make potato chips.
  2. Bake in the oven or microwave and top with just about anything. I like cheese, broc, butter, sour cream any mixed vegetables, chili, meat or soy meat gravy, and on and on.
  3. Who doesn’t like scalloped potatoes?
  4. Who doesn’t love roasted vegetables and you must include both sweet and regular poatoes.
  5. Potato soup
  6. Mashed potatoes
  7. French Fries
  8. Hash browns
  9. Cottage fries
  10. Creamed potatoes

Okay, here are 10 bare suggestions. Have a great Potato Day!!

PS-Did I mention potato Latkes?

Easy and Showy

There are tons of really simple recipes that can be made from “store bought” dough. Yes, I just press it down into my big ceramic pie pan and make a quiche, but I also do this:

Roll out the dough even more and cut out little circles about the size of a large jar lid. Put something in the middle of each little circle: a bit of meat, some cinnamon and sugar, some ricotta cheese, and so on. Fold the circle over and bake until lightly browned. This is about 15 min. at 350.

These little half circles are easy to dress up on a passed appetizer tray and if you use your imagination you can do some really unique fillings. ENJOY!

“Winter Smoothie”

We have talked a lot about smoothie recipes, but I don’t think we have shared what I call the “winter” version. Think about YOU at Starbucks and what you might order hot. A latte perhaps, some sort of delicious coffee concoction with mocha or a chocolate flavoring?

Well, all you have to do is leave out the ice cubes (Duh) and add a tablespoon or so of protein powder and put it in the blender, and you have a really yummy “winter smoothie.” I also like to sub non-fat milk and use a powdered coco mix like Swill Miss. Try it!

By Request-Apple Pie!

Yes, apple pie a la Max and Ruby

Max and Ruby are great favorites of my grandson and we love to make Max and Ruby apple pie together. No, there is not really a Max and Ruby apple pie, we just made that up. We also made up this recipe which has most of the usual ingredients, but we always include going out together to our local farmer’s market when we can to pick out the apples. How much more fun is this??

PS When apples are not in season we do the same thing at the grocery store.

Max and Ruby Apple Pie

For pie crusts we use the Pilsbury ones that come in the red package in the freezer section. We roll them out so that it seems like we are making pie crusts, which BTW I do not do anymore.

  1. 1/2 cup regular white sugar
  2. 2 Tablespoons flour
  3. Your taste: cinnamon and or nutmeg
  4. 6 to 8 apples (depending on the size of the apples and the size of your pie pan)
  5. Just a bit (1 or 2 Tablespoons) of butter or marg.
  6. Toss all ingredients gently with your hands-this is part of the fun.

Arrange apple mixture in the bottom crust and place top crust over. Pinch the edges together (this is fun too) and make slits in any design you like on top. We like to cut lightning designs in the top crust!

Bake at 400 degrees for about 50 minutes. Start to watch the crust at about 45 minutes. Pie should be light brown on top and bubbles of yummy apples should be coming up.

Why Not Indeed?

I asked myself one fine day, just exactly why was it that guys couldn’t go into the kitchen and simply Make Something? Bingo-The answer is that they don’t need to. Okay, at least that is the case with my dear and wonderful husband. He told me that it was too hard for him because he was not used to doing it and he would mow the lawn instead if I did the cooking. Wrong answer. Mowing the lawn used to be giving a check to the yard guy, and now that he is retired it means sitting on his rider mower and going around the property.

Meanwhile, my definition has not changed. Food prep, I grant you, is easier now but it is still the same in many ways if you chose to cook farm to table or organic or in my case vegetarian and for some regular guests even pre-diabetic. Still a challenge, right? In the spirit of being a guide rather than a dictator, I have come up with a list of REALLY easy things that anyone can prepare. Don’t say you can’t do it simply because you have never done it either.

  1. Heat some soup-Some canned soups are sooo good. I especially like Progresso, or the soups that come in boxes like Bisque of Tomato or Butternut Squash. but experiment around.
  2. Any kind of a sandwich-Buy ahead for this. Cold cuts, sliced cheese, tomatoes and lettuce a can of tuna, etc, are all you need. If you must, keep it prepped in the fridge so there are no excuses.
  3. Boiled eggs, toast, and fruit-Yes, any time. This is both healthy and high protein.
  4. Three Bean Salad-Open 3 cans of beans (kidney, black, green, garbanzo, and so on) and add a bottled vinegar and oil type dressing.
  5. Any bagged salad-This is totally a no brainer
  6. Any good frozen entree-Also a no brainer. (I like Amy’s or Marie Callendar)

I could go on and on, but I am sure you get the idea. Not just guys, but kids in the kitchen too. Just make a start and see where you go from there. Bon Appetite!

Eat This, Not That

The lowly potato is highly under rated. I slice potatoes on my mandolin and toss them in a bit of salt and olive oil and make chips in the air fryer. Potatoes quartered are a super addition to a sheet pan dinner. Use both Russet and Sweet potatoes. Mashed potatoes with just a bit of salt and pepper and a small pat of real butter is the perfect match for just about anything.

Baked potatoes are one of the most versatile foods ever. Have one with just a bit of salt and pepper, a pat of butter, 1/2 cup cottage cheese or chili, two tablespoons of LITE sour cream, or broccoli and a bit of grated cheese. I could go on and on, and so could YOU!

There is nothing more healthy than Butter Nut Squash Soup. What a Fall favorite! I grew my own this year but BNSQ is available in any store produce section or better still from any Farmer’s Market. Cut open the squash and scoop out or cut out in chunks the orange flesh. Boil until pretty soft and drain all but enough to keep the squash from clogging your blender. Add back some more liquid and some milk or cream in your blender and flavor as you like. I like a dash of nutmeg but my husband likes cinnamon. Blend until smooth. Cook in a large pot and be sure to make extra. I freeze leftovers in milk cartons. This is super easy.

PS for totally non-cookers. Go down to the store and buy the soup and also bisque of tomato if you like it, in the square cartons. There are several brands and all are good.

PPSS Add a large piece of French bread or a roll.


Yes, we all get it about the Med Diet and fruits and vegetables, but we also should get that the more of a plant based diet we eat the better.

Usually the Greek dish of layered lamb, cheeses, and potatoes called Moussaka has a lot of fat, much of it from the lamb and cheese. Why not substitute escalope of sliced egg plant, right in the freezer of most grocery stores, for the fried egg plant, lo-fat ricotta cheese, and soy ground beef. It is a bit of a different taste, but really good

I do the same with lasagne. I use whole wheat noodles, lo-fat ricotta cheese, and soy ground beef. I also use Newman’s Own vodka marinara sauce.

Try these substitutions in your usual recipes and watch the calories and fat disappear and the flavor become unique-in a good way.

Yes, Corn Pudding!

Diana’s Corn Pudding!!

It is with a great deal of reluctance that I share this recipe. It is an all time favorite at any covered dish affair and known only to a special few! Diana shared it with me on the condition that I would call her before any event to be sure that it was not the dish she was bringing. So, Jut for YOU, here is:

Diana’s West Virginia Corn Pudding

  1. Cream 1/2 butter ans1/2 cup sugar until smooth (I used Marg)
  2. Add two eggs one at a time mixing in between
  3. Add 1 cp sour cream (I used Daisy Lite)
  4. Beat until smooth
  5. Add one can of cream corn and one can of regular corn
  6. Add one box of corn muffin mix alternating with 1/2 cp milk (I used skim milk) Mix well and bake at 350 in a greased 9X134 glass pan.

This is sooo good you won’t believe it. It is pretty easy too!