Unexpected Tacos

Surprise Me!!!!

Flour tortillas, corn tortillas, and yes even tortillas made from different grains are all really good for that evening meal that ain’t happening. Oh, tacos also are great for any breakfast or lunch or just whenever. Hence the name “Unexpected”!


  1. Any meat-I am a vegetarian so I use Morning Star Farms ground beef but you may also use ground turkey, pork, or even just for something unexpected-Spam!
  2. Any fish or shell fish-One of my favorites from a restaurant called Taco Mundo is breaded fried shrimp with sweet Asian cole slaw. I also really like salmon with Jasmine rice.
  3. Just vegetables can be unexpectedly delicious. Raw or cooked grated carrots, shredded cabbage, any kind of flavored slaw, actually just any vegetable you like. PD I LOVE Avocado
  4. Also for a veggie taco try lettuce, tomato, rice, and black beans.
  5. Another fav of mine from Casa Del Sol restaurant is tuna with sweet Asian slaw. Yum!
  6. Finally, use your imagination for breakfast tacos or burritos. Anything you have for breakfast is great in a taco shell or tortilla.

3 thoughts on “Unexpected Tacos

    1. Judith Post author

      Ok, I know that, as a 35 year vegetarian/sometimes fish eater, that there is no good substitute for a steak type “meat.” I sub Morning Star Farms beef crumbles but I need to try something new. I love a Ceasar salad in a lo-carb tortilla!


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