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Eye Of The Beholder?

I love that beauty can come in any form. Flowers are lovely always. Winnie the Pooh is sweet and soft and warm. Scenery is calm and peaceful.

My favorite thing of beauty is often just the right spoken word to make one feel at peace with everything. Pooh Bear has a gift for that. For example:

“You are braver than you know.”

I think this gives one the power to face situations with courage. Sometimes we do not know how brave we actually are until something happens, do we?

Pooh has so many quotes that I absolutely love. I will continue to share them as our summer goes on. BTW one of the things that I really love is SUMMER!

Can We Spring Into Summer Yet?

Pretty soon, dear friends, it will be time for JELL-O with cottage cheese, green JELL-O, and all sorts of other yummy outdoor desserts. I love lemon aid with frozen strawberries used as ice cubes. I also really love any frozen dessert, and don’t forget sweet tea you guys from the South. Sweet tea rules in the summer right along with white bread tomato sandwiches! What are some of YOUR summer favorites?

It’s So Very Easy!

I love to just put things together differently. I move settings around in my house. I buy grocery store flowers or silk plants and mix, match, and don’t match. Have a good look at your stuff and then create something unique!

So Much Beauty!

I know that it is expensive to send flowers, so how about just a grocery store bouquet once in a while to say “I Love You?” That sure does it for me.

Another beautiful thing to do for someone? Why not take a minute and send a card? I really enjoy something in the mail besides an advertisement or a bill, don’t you? Well, if you like it, maybe someone else would too. I often think of things that way. Anyway, my church friend Patty is the queen of sending really thoughtful cards, and she has got me doing it too. Maybe if YOU do it too, we will catch on.

All Kinds of Lovely Stuff

This is my back yard. Sometimes my lawn doesn’t look the best, but I concentrate on the trees which are just fantastic. I LOVE trees and I have plenty. Oh, in the winter most of the trees loose their leaves where I live and I don’t like that, but just like a little miracle, they come back every Spring.