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Seen On A Tee-Shirt

Lately, I have seen soooo many Tee-Shirts with hilarious sayings that I have decided to share. What brought this on? Well, you may ask. This morning my husband and I started to look through one of those catalogues that come in the mail and they had a Tee-Shirt section that had us both in stitches. OK, so we were pretty hard up for a laugh-and who isn’t these days- but honestly, I will share a couple of them and then ask YOU to also share those you think are funny and we will see where we go with this. Thanks in advance for sharing.


Old Is New Again


We had a sermon this morning on the Beatitudes. I have heard several over the years as have we all, but this one was very special. We were asked to pause sit in a quiet spot and reflect on the differences between the words of Christ, and the forbidding “Thou shall not” tone of the Ten Commandments. I actually did this and it was quite an experience. Try it. Really think about it with your heart, not your mind.

Jesus says blessed, heaven, comfort, mercy, peace, righteous, pure in heart, and on and on. What a world if we were all mindful of these thoughts.

Book sites on FACEBOOK

What to read????

I love to read and I read from both books and Kendle. One of my Facebook book sharing sites recently had a member complaining about the price of books and he got several good answers that I would like to share. First, go to the library. All the books are free at the library, you guys. Next I go to thrift shops. They always have a huge book section and even big books are seldom more than a couple of dollars. People in my neighborhood have a book trading group. Try to find something like that and your library may give you a clue. Shop on line for bargains. Try places like Barnes and Noble for sales. Second and Charles and Books A Million have thrift tables and even free tables. Look around and remember to read as widely as you possibly can!

Eye of the Beholder

Do you see beauty?

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder creating the impression that somehow there is a standard for beauty-a definition so to speak of what is beautiful and what is not. I totally disagree. There are some things that are universally beautiful and to prove my point I am sharing this picture!

It’s All Over Now

Christmas Is Over But Good Things Are Still Happening

Yes, I get that there is a letdown when the Christmas decore has been taken to the basement and things out in the backyard look a bit bare, but here is the good news: It’s Soup Time!!

Healthy Eating, Active Lifestyle-HEAL

Yes, Lemons!

These days people are ordering custom water with their meals. Feel free to do just that yourself. Lemon water is very good for you so always ask for a slice of lemon with your water. What??? You don’t order water with your meals!!! Always ask for water with a slice of lemon and not too much ice. It’s OK. Who knew?

I can’t do 8 glasses of water or liquid a day and that is not a magic number anyway, but I measure and drink 6 glasses per day.

Oh, BTW have this at home too. Recent studies tell us that dehydration can lead to a number of illness and also to premature aging! Remember too that you can count anything but a beverage containing caffine or alcohol for your liquid.

Happy New Year???

Can we agree to make 2023 a clean slate-Let’s Hope So!

I get that blog comments stay up forever and become not so timely, and I also get that Happy New Year is a bit corny, but 2022 was not a particularly great time for many people in many places and so I am putting this wish out there for all of us to give a bit of thought. What can we do to make things better? Okay, so here is my take on it.

  1. In order to do better, you have to BE better.
  2. Be kind to others-Golden Rule time: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  3. Communicate Better Say what you really mean.
  4. Remember that you are nice to people not because they are nice, but because YOU are nice.
  5. A little kindness goes a long way so try “paying it forward” a couple of times and see how it makes you feel. I bought the guy behind me at Wendy’s the other day a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich and he followed me out to the parking lot to thank me and said he could only afford one sandwich and was going to give it to his little boy but with the extra $$$ he bought two. Yes, if you think that made my day, you are right! Do this sometime, please. It is such a feel good sensation. So go forward with JOY into 2023 and pass it around!!!

What will you write on your 2023 blank slate?

So many ingredients/So little time

Yes, Life is like a smoothie!

I make smoothies regularly and I just love the fact that they can count as your fruits for the day, your veggies for the day, and with a few simple additions a smoothie can fill in the blanks for things you may be missing in your diet even though it is healthy.

I start with berries for a fruit smoothie and then add any kind of fruit yogurt, some 5 Calories Cranberry juice, ice cubes, and a flavorless protein powder. Don’t forget the banana. I am a vegetarian and the protein powder helps me.

For a veggie smoothie I like to use squashes raw, and for the liquid I use V8. Add a couple of ice cubes and drink up. I use pretty much any raw vegetable that I like and this is very good for fiber too.

If either one of these sound not so good to you, I challenge you to make up your own versions. Remember, life is like a smoothie-it is exactly what you make it and you get out only what you put it.

PS Be sure you have a good blender, there are many types out there and most are good, but you want to be sure the one you buy is heavy duty enough for all on your ingredients.