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Seen On A Tee-Shirt

Lately, I have seen soooo many Tee-Shirts with hilarious sayings that I have decided to share. What brought this on? Well, you may ask. This morning my husband and I started to look through one of those catalogues that come in the mail and they had a Tee-Shirt section that had us both in stitches. OK, so we were pretty hard up for a laugh-and who isn’t these days- but honestly, I will share a couple of them and then ask YOU to also share those you think are funny and we will see where we go with this. Thanks in advance for sharing.


Just When You Thought……

I imagined that kids did not color anymore. I guess I thought they were on their phones all of the time-I mean even what I consider to be young children seemed to be on their phone or playing Minecraft day in and day out. Well, I was wrong. At least I was wrong for some children. I put several coloring books in the Little Free Library that I maintain in front of my house and the next day they were all gone.

That afternoon the doorbell rang and there were two sisters from up the block asking if I had any more coloring books. I will now stock coloring books on a regular basis. My faith in the fact that children like to have just plain fun has been completely restored!!

Get Up In The Morning And…….

I keep a chart in my bathroom with 10 items on it. They are all “first thing in the morning” things that I do each and every day. Try it and you will see that it is simple to develop this very healthy and easy check list into a habit. The trick is to find 10 or your own number, of healthy things that you think you can realistically DO not 120 things that you WISH you could do. Try these:

  1. Weigh, record your weight in your ever handy little notebook.
  2. Exercise 5 minutes-only try for that to be sure to succeed. If you say 1/2 hour you are sure to NOT make it-Don’t ask me how I know this. I have my elastic band, my 1 lb. weights, my egg timer, a couple of lists of good moves, and a DVD that I can play just by punching the button. I am all set, every day with this little area and supply of stuff.
  3. Brush your teeth and drink a sip of water.
  4. Shower (Not everybody likes to shower every morning. I do not. Instead I wash my face with a rough cloth and warm water.)
  5. Moisturize face with your fav. I love OLAY Regenerist. Put on body lotion. I do not have a fav here. I usually buy what is on sale at Walmart. I have made some real finds this way!
  6. Sit down for a minute and meditate quietly on your day and what you hope to achieve or share.
  7. Dress accordingly (I really enjoy this part of my morning. I like to pick out what I am going to wear even if it is jeans and a T-shirt to clean house.
  8. Make the bed. I hope you have a couple of cute pillows too. They can cheer up a down day sometimes.
  9. Do a quick bedroom tidy.
  10. Do a q2uick bathroom tidy

All of this, and or your additions or deductions should be done in about 10 or so minutes. I know moms or early workers may squeeze this a bit and that is okay. Since I have retired I can stretch it as my day is laid out. Suit yourself and of course, modify!!

Old Joke Alert/Great Recipe

I can’t tell you how many jokes I have heard about what to do if you are given lemons. You can make lemonade, a lemon pie, sole veronique and on and on. So, what do you if life gives you limes?? Well, how about making Key Lime Pie but the modified Weight Watchers version? I know real key lime pie is creamy and calorie filled, but this one is neither one of those things and it is the perfect summer easy dessert.

Super Easy Key Lime Pie (Sort of)

  1. Large box of lime jello (Use the sugar free)
  2. Key lime or lime yogurt (Use 2 of the small Walmart yogurts or yoplay yogurts)
  3. Pie crust or graham cracker crust-I like pie crust better and I always use the Marie Callendar already made, but any ready made brand will do.
  4. 1/4 or a bit more boiling water
  5. Cool Whip topping-I use the 25 calorie kind, but if you usse the extra creamy it is a little more “hold together”
  6. If you want a stronger flavor, add a squirt of lime juice before you put it in the fridge.

Disolve the jello well in the boiling water. Really be sure it is disolved so your pie is not grainy. Stir in the yogurt and whipped topping. Pour into the pie shell and put in the fridge for at least 2 hours. I serve this with a scoop of cool whip or a squirt of whipped cream. MMM boy!

PS-You can do exactly the same thing with lemon or strawberry!

Thoughts on NOOM

Last year I went on NOOM for several months and lost 10 pounds. I really like NOOM and purchased many of their extras which I also liked. Their lists of GREEN foods, RED foods, and YELLOW foods was of huge help to me. For example, some green foods include nearly all fruits and vegetables, fat free dairy, and plenty of grains. The plan was not difficult. So, why have I regained the lost weight? Well, it is certainly not the fault of NOOM I can tell you. I have a downfall. I have a fatal flaw. Do you??

My total and always and ever downfall is the simple fat that I am a snacker. I am at the fridge, the pantry, and even my poor little grandson’s stash of M and M’s. I eat Wheat Thins, but with peanut butter. I eat lite cheese, but with lovely bread. I could go on and on, but I am sure you get the picture. I am though, at last overcoming this awful habit. I am down 5 of the lost/regained weight and counting. There is no magic about it. I just simply got tired of failure. Remember that when you start any new plan and have the same hope for success and fear of failure. Keep at it. Don’t give up. In the end, you know it is worth it!

Everything works and Nothing Works except YOU!

Things That Make You Happy?

I love to set a pretty table. I mix, match, and deliberately do NOT match.

I keep my “eat in kitchen” table set every day. We eat in the sun room, the family room, the dining room, the kitchen counter etc. but my all time favorite is always my set table. Give this a try. It is an instant cheer up on the day!

Sooo Easy Brownies/NOT

These brownies are actually made with cookie dough! Can we say “crownie?”

I was at a Birthday Party yesterday and had a yummy brownie looking thing that did not taste a thing like a brownie. I tracked down the maker, which I always do if I have something different, and here is the super easy recipe. Actually this is not really even a recipe, it is just how to make it.

Press a roll of chocolate chip cookie dough into a greased baking dish. Press Oreo cookies into the dough lightly. I arranged mine in ordered rows, but you do not need to do that. My new best friend said to just put them in and don’t crumble them up. On top of this make up and pour out your fav packaged brownie mix and cook as the box directs.

No kidding, these were dy/no/mite and gone in a heartbeat. Boy, you never know who has a super idea. Always ask!!


I love to shop seasonal farmers markets in the spring and summer, but these days it seems that, in all honesty, one can find “fresh” produce almost year round. I grant you that some is better than others, but if you check around, find out from your store manager, and keep your eyes and mind open, you can do really well with healthy foods. I have not yet tried the box to my door idea, but my neighbor tells me that Hungry Root is really great? Opinions?

Seems like never out of season???

It seems like you can always find apples in the produce section and I mean really good apples too. I know we have talked about healthy apples before, but I would like to add just a couple of more really easy recipes including one for your air fryer.

Easy Baked Apples

I don’t know how you can get any easier than this. Cut off the top of the apple just a little less than one third down from the stem and core it apple with an actual core tool. (It looks like a potato peeler sort of and you push it down into the apple) If you don’t have this kitchen tool, simply remove down as far as you can into the center of the apple with a pointed knife and remove the center and seeds. Pour whatever you like down into the center. I use a bit of butter and brown sugar and some crushed walnuts. I sprinkle the top with cinnamon or nutmeg if you prefer. Bake at 350 until the apple is soft and scoop out with a spoon. This is good with a spoon of Cool-Whip or vanilla ice cream. (PS Spray some PAM Butter Flavor into a pie tin and place the apples in bottom down. Cover for the first 15 minutes then uncover.)

Air Fryer Apples (Yes, really)

Cut an apple in half and gently clean out the seeds and hard center. Cut out as much as you can (about half) of the flesh and cut it into small pieces. Mix it with your favorite granola and a bit of melted butter. Bake in the air fryer in an oven proof small dish at 350 for about 12 minutes or until soft. Do not peel the apple. Try mixing up the granola you use. My favorite is called Tropical Trail Mix and it has nuts, coconut flakes, and bits of dried fruits. Add a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt and say yummy to a low cal treat.

Request Granted-Cool Easy Summer Dessert!

I love requests!!

Strawberry Pie

  1. Small box of Strawberry Jello
  2. 1 Qt. (box) of strawberries
  3. 1/4 cup of sugar-You may also use artificial sweetener to taste
  4. 4 Tblsps Cornstarch
  5. 2 cups of water

Cook sugar and cornstarch in water until pretty thick. It takes about 2 minutes. Add the box of Jello and stir in completely. Let stand for about 10 minutes or just jiggley. Add the strawberries and pour into a baked crust. OK, if you want to make your own pie crust, go ahead, but you are a better chef than I am! Cool in the fridge, and top with Cool Whip to serve. This is incredibly easy and makes a fabulous presentation.