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Seen On A Tee-Shirt

Lately, I have seen soooo many Tee-Shirts with hilarious sayings that I have decided to share. What brought this on? Well, you may ask. This morning my husband and I started to look through one of those catalogues that come in the mail and they had a Tee-Shirt section that had us both in stitches. OK, so we were pretty hard up for a laugh-and who isn’t these days- but honestly, I will share a couple of them and then ask YOU to also share those you think are funny and we will see where we go with this. Thanks in advance for sharing.


Yes, Corn Pudding!

Diana’s Corn Pudding!!

It is with a great deal of reluctance that I share this recipe. It is an all time favorite at any covered dish affair and known only to a special few! Diana shared it with me on the condition that I would call her before any event to be sure that it was not the dish she was bringing. So, Jut for YOU, here is:

Diana’s West Virginia Corn Pudding

  1. Cream 1/2 butter ans1/2 cup sugar until smooth (I used Marg)
  2. Add two eggs one at a time mixing in between
  3. Add 1 cp sour cream (I used Daisy Lite)
  4. Beat until smooth
  5. Add one can of cream corn and one can of regular corn
  6. Add one box of corn muffin mix alternating with 1/2 cp milk (I used skim milk) Mix well and bake at 350 in a greased 9X134 glass pan.

This is sooo good you won’t believe it. It is pretty easy too!

Take It From Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is a favorite character of mine and I think that as a philosopher he is highly under rated. Just think about this picture. What could be more fun than a crafts day? Knit, sew, clean a little maybe, make something with your kids or grand kids, do a flower arrangement……..and on and on!

He is also going for a walk. I do not even have to tell you how great that is on many different levels.

Finally he has a honey pot in his hands with flowers in it which tells you that he has already eaten the honey. Point? Yes, eat something yummy. Green seedless grapes are as sweet as candy and so healthy.

So, take a tip from W the P and have a great day!!

Eat This-Not That

Salads are not what they used to be. Lettuce and tomato are not the salad any more, they are just the starting base. What else can you add? Try some of these additives for a salad surprise. BTW-Eat This Not That means don’t add any cheese except feta and DON’T under any circumstances use full fat dressing. The best dressing is V and O of any type you like. I like apple cider or rice vinegar and Balsamic special vinegars. I use olive oil only for salads or dip and I use Canola oil to cook.

  1. Boiled egg
  2. Blueberries
  3. Different types of tomato-there are sooo many
  4. Any and all veg. Broc, Cauliflower, Carrots, (I like grated carrots) etc.
  5. Add a special bag of Asian mix or South West mix
  6. Nuts (I like walnuts)
  7. Feta Cheese
  8. Try “Skinny Girl” Dressings
  9. Any different type of greens
  10. Meat
  11. Salmon, tuna, tofu or any other vegetable protein, like chick peas or beans
  12. Just for fun-Try scallops (I buy the frozen bag at Trader Joe’s)

So, you see that I am right-right??? Do anything to your salad. Just be sure to watch the carbs and use lots of fiber! Let me know how it goes.

In Training-Get it?

We are , in fact, always in some kind of training. We may be trying yoga for the first time, learning a new healthy eating plan, or even taking a pottery class. Here are a few life tips for whatever you may be doing with your day today.

  1. Always remember to stretch before and after you do any kind of exercise.
  2. Try your best not to snack. Grab an apple if you just MUST have something.
  3. Eat your 5 servings of fruits and veg. daily. It is not that hard. A serving is only 1/2 cup.
  4. Try Quinoa or some other different food.
  5. Read a magazine you have not read before. I like to recommend “Real Simple” or if you are an HGTV fan you might try their mag. or the “Magnolia Journal.”
  6. Try to actively fight a bad habit.
  7. Make a list of NOT meals or calories, but rather of foods you like to eat that are healthy and then try to keep to these foods. After all, you just said you LIKE them.
  8. Evaluate yourself-Daily if you need to, but on a regular basis. No one knows YOU like you!

OK, so you hate other people’s tips-I get that. Just pick one and try it. Maybe you will go on to get on board the “Train.” Let me know how it goes.

A “pear”ently Yummy

I love pear and yes, out of season I even use canned pears. I buy the kind that are canned in lite syrup and then I drain the syrup into tea, any type of water, just a jar of juices I keep in the fridge to caramelize things, and on and on. The easiest way to eat a pear is just out of hand, but you might also try a 1/2 peeled pear on a leaf of Romain lettuce with some blue or feta cheese. It looks really fancy when plated as a starter or salad.

I also really like to poach pears. Use canned or fresh and poach in just about anything you like that is flavorful. I poach in red wine, white wine, maple syrup added to water, even cheap sparkling wine.

Just barely cover the pear halves and bubble the liquid until the pears are al dente. Save the juice to pour over the pears and decorate with some mint leaves. Yummy-I think YES!

Ok, so life just gave you some lemons

I love that old saying that when life gives you lemons you should make lemonade, but we here at “Skating Uphill” like to think out of the box. When life gives you lemons, first of all, jump up and shout “Lucky Me!” Then you can:
  1. Make lemonade and make lemonade ice cubes to put in tea
  2. Make a lemon merengue pie
  3. Use squirts of lemon on vegetables or fruits
  4. Saute fish with lemon and white wine
  5. Make lemon bars
  6. Put lemon peel down your garbage disposal to clean and refresh
  7. Rub lemon and or peel on your hands to kill the odor of fish or anything else you have been working with
  8. Use lemons in any kind of fruit bowl display to add big color
  9. Make lemon curd and bake it in those little puff pastry cups
  10. Make an easy pie with a graham cracker crust, a tub of Cool Whip, a package of lemon pudding, and 1/4 cup of squeezed lemon made boiling hot in the microwave with a package of lemon jello added to it and disolved. (I use Jello instant pudding and add 2 cups of really cold milk then stir for 2 minutes.) Combine all and pour into the pie shell. Put this in the fridge for at least 2 hours. It is lo-cal and really yummy.

See, being given lemons is not so bad really, is it? And if you do not want the lemon and you do not want to do any of these things, give the lemon back!!

Just A Thought

I love getting cards and letters in the mail. Do you? Well, this is the best way to assure that you will be receiving messages from friends and relatives-Send some out yourself. I have been doing this as part of a New Year’s Resolution I made several years ago and it has worked so beautifully. I get at least two cards, letters, yes, and even a post card or two each week.
Bring some joy to your day by putting some joy out there for someone else!!

Beautiful surroundings are good for your soul. Create lovely things in your home. Perhaps make it a bit of a hobby and give yourself a budget. I think you will find that you can do a lot with very little $$$$. In fact, you might make that a challenge. I wish you beauty!

Yes, Med. Again

I know, I Know, yet again stuff on the Mediterranean Diet. I just can’t seem to help it. The more I try to stay on the basics of this plan, the better I feel! I am doing the 5 servings of fruits/veggies per day and once you start to count, it is pretty simple. (I almost said it is “A piece of cake!”) Since a serving is only 1/2 cup, keeping track is simple too. You quickly get a feel for amounts. The three servings per week of fatty fish is pretty easy too. I love salmon and I make salmon patties, have cold salmon salad, and fool around with different sauces, within reason of course. Best of all? Put a piece of salmon on the grill!

I love tuna too. (BTW, Herring not so much.) Tuna is probably the most versatile fish in the world. A tuna sandwich is super. Tuna salad can’t be beat. Tuna and whole wheat noodles with a 1/2 can of lite cream of mushroom soup is a variation of the dish I lived on in college.

This small and simple little guide to the Med. Healthy Eating Plan should be of help. I will continue to feature items of interest on an on-going basis!

BTW-Please notice I said Healthy Eating Plan/Not Diet!