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Seen On A Tee-Shirt

Lately, I have seen soooo many Tee-Shirts with hilarious sayings that I have decided to share. What brought this on? Well, you may ask. This morning my husband and I started to look through one of those catalogues that come in the mail and they had a Tee-Shirt section that had us both in stitches. OK, so we were pretty hard up for a laugh-and who isn’t these days- but honestly, I will share a couple of them and then ask YOU to also share those you think are funny and we will see where we go with this. Thanks in advance for sharing.


How Much and How Many?

Okay, so let’s go for a walk. Oh, wait a minute, how far should we walk and BTW just exactly how much should we actually be exercising? Well, as you may have guessed, this is not set in stone no matter what the 10,000 steps a day people say to you.

My doctor tells me that this, like the 8 glasses a day of water, is a myth based on absolutely nothing. In fact, I recently read in Prevention Magazine that for people over 60, the recommended step amount is 3,600 and even that should be individually evaluated.

I walk 5,000 per day and my Fitbit records active minutes and I try to do 20 per day. Walking the dog or running the vacuum are my go to events.

The one bit of nutritional advice that seems to be pretty universal is the 5 servings per day of fruits and veggies. A serving is 1/2 cup and actually this is pretty easy to do. Give it a try for good health instead of taking a pill!

Husband In The Kitchen???

My husband is British and he makes a dynamite English Trifle, but this easy version is really good too!

Berry Trifle

1 store bought angle food cake or store bought pound cake, cubed or torn into small pieces

1 pk. instant vanilla pudding

1 cup cold mild

1 pt. vanilla or French Vanilla ice cream just slightly melted

1 regular pack of strawberry jello

1 cup boiling water for the jello

1 9 oz pk. of frozen strawberries thawed

In a sq. or rectangular glass baking dish, scatter the cubed cake and in a separate bowl, mix the dry pudding mix, milk, and ice cream. Beat this until smooth and then pour it over the cake. Dissolve your jello in the boiling water and add strawberries. Cool a bit then spoon it over the pudding layer. Cover with foil or plastic wrap and put it in the fridge overnight. This is such a great dessert-Oh, BTW, you can do the same thing with peaches and that is maybe even better. Just sub peach anyplace it says strawberry.

It’s So Very Easy!

I love to just put things together differently. I move settings around in my house. I buy grocery store flowers or silk plants and mix, match, and don’t match. Have a good look at your stuff and then create something unique!

J is for January and Other Things

I get that JANUARY can be pretty dismal at times, but honestly, if you think about it, perhaps is is not January that is dismal, but actually YOU who are dismal. Some people are sad and downhearted all year long no matter what the weather or whatever else is happening. If that is you, please seek help. Life can be a wonderful gift. Please enable yourself to open the present!

Let Me Speak Frankly!!

Please do not ever tell me you have nothing to do. If you are sitting staring off into space and feeling sorry for yourself, get up and move around. Yes, it is as simple as that. Walk around where you are. Stretch and jog. Bend over as much as you can. Twist around from the waist. You get it. Moving around can make you feel better in both mind and body. The more you move the better. Physical therapists use the phrase, “Motion is Lotion” and they are so very correct!!

In The Kitchen

Oh, what to make for the kids???? Well, how about that Monkey Bread that looks so hard to make and is really so very easy?

Monkey Bread The Easy Way

  1. 1 cup sugar
  2. 2 teasoppns cinnamon (More if you like that flavor)
  3. 3 packages of tube refrigerator biscuits cut into quarters (I do this with my kitchen scissors)
  4. 1/2 cup chopped nuts (I like walnuts)
  5. 1/2 cup margerine
  6. 1 cup brown sugar

Put the sugar and cinnamon in a plastic bag, add the biscuit pieces and give it a good toss. Grease a bundt pan and place the coated biscuits in and sprinkle the nuts. Mix the sugar with melted butter until disolved and not grainy Bake at 350 for about 30 min. I like to serve this while it still warm with a cup of cocoa, tea, or coffee. The kids love to pull it apart and in fact my neighbor kids actually call it “Pull Apart Cinnamon Bread.”