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We Are Back!

I have been on a vacation, but have been thinking of all of those of you who have been faithfully following this blog. We have been learning new things together, I hope, and gaining and growing in many ways. Participation has been wonderful and I hope it will continue to be so. Please write a comment, share a recipe or thought, and just be a part of “Skating Uphill.” My sort of life motto has always been that skating uphill is really hard work, but when you get to the top, the view is well worth it! I hope you agree.

Anyway, we are back and ready to go again. Join the group for recipes, stories to share, comments, life style tips, and on and on. Thanks to all and of course, I have been “Thinking of You!”


Yes, we all get it about the Med Diet and fruits and vegetables, but we also should get that the more of a plant based diet we eat the better.

Usually the Greek dish of layered lamb, cheeses, and potatoes called Moussaka has a lot of fat, much of it from the lamb and cheese. Why not substitute escalope of sliced egg plant, right in the freezer of most grocery stores, for the fried egg plant, lo-fat ricotta cheese, and soy ground beef. It is a bit of a different taste, but really good

I do the same with lasagne. I use whole wheat noodles, lo-fat ricotta cheese, and soy ground beef. I also use Newman’s Own vodka marinara sauce.

Try these substitutions in your usual recipes and watch the calories and fat disappear and the flavor become unique-in a good way.

About Rising

I love the sun and wake as often as I can to see it rise and I must say that I have very seldom been disappointed in the beauty of a new day. For many people their goal is to rise as well. Growing, gaining, and living large are all good goals, don’t get me wrong. I am frequently reminded though of a saying from Lao Tzu an ancient Chinese follower of the Zen path. He said that we rise together. He also said, and this is one of my “words to live by” sayings, We Rise By Lifting Others. Think about that next time a friend needs your help or you can share a kind word with someone who needs to hear it.

Beauty In Your Kitchen??

Surround yourself with lovely things. Why not? Yes, even your kitchen can be a place of beauty and you can fill your “heart of the home” with things that are not only good to eat, see edible flowers above, but are lovely as well.

What is a “Tacosaurus???”

What the heck is a Tacosaurus you may ask? Well, it is a word that I overheard a child use in a Mexican restaurant the other day and it means someone who loves all tacos. You can put pretty much anything in a taco and still have it be really great, so I thought I would make a couple of suggestions for those among us who are not yet in to the joys of taco life!

  1. Use any kind or size tortilla-flour, corn, spinach, herb, etc. Large or small makes no difference. Some purists may call a taco made with a big tortilla a burrito, but it is NOT. If you fold the tortilla in half instead of doing any sort of wrap, it is a TACO! Also soft tacos are not fried and crispy tacos are.
  2. I always start with lettuce, chopped tomato, and grated cheese. I like cheddar, but any kind will do.
  3. Beans are a must-Refried, vegetarian or regular, the difference being that regular are made with lard and vegetarian are not. Black beans are good, and so are kidney beans. Pinto beans work too.
  4. Now for the fun-your favorite fillings. I love shrimp, any kind of fish, soy ground beef, or QUORN shredded chicken. I also really like deviled egg filling. Non-veg people love ground beef, steak, chicken, pulled pork, and chopped ham.

The most outrageous taco I ever saw had pork and beans and chopped hot dogs. Anyway, you get the idea, right. Make it yummy and customize to taste-Be creative!

PS Don’t forget guacamole on top!

Tee-Shirts in the Kitchen

  1. My Kitchen, My Way
  2. Don’t You Dare Touch Those Cookies
  3. If I clap My Hands, Little Puff of Flour Float Up!
  4. Romain Calm and Carrot On (Vegetarian?)
  5. Making Pie Dough Is A Lost Art
  6. All I want To Do Is Bake Stuff And Watch Movies
  7. Trust Me-If I Made It, It Tastes Great!
  8. That Toast Is NOT Burned. Black Is the New Brown In Toast World

Coffee, Anyone?

Ok, I JUST read the latest research on coffee in the medical section of Readers Digest. The science on coffee has been all over the place, and now the latest thinking is that there are many health benefits to coffee. Recommended intake-No more than 3 cups. If you are a big coffee drinker, think about it and check out some of the research and maybe consider a cup of decaf instead of that fourth cup.

Say It Isn’t True!!!

Okay, so you are not going to believe this, but some mean, horrible person actually sent pornography to my comment section. Why in the world do people do this? People who want/need that kind of thing certainly would not come to a BLOG that deals with health, insight, and decor, would they? Am I missing something? I guess I just don’t get it. Don’t do that any more-OK?

OMG-More Tee Shirts!

  1. “This Year I am giving my opinion instead of gifts-Interested?”

2. “Which part of the Bible explains how to change water into wine? Asking for a friend!”

3. “You know you are old when you go to an antique show and people start to bid on you!”

4. “I Read-I Know Things.”

5. “Irony-The Complete Opposite of Wrinkly.”

These are great-Send me some more!!