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Random thoughts I felt were worthy of passing along

Just For Today

It is a gray day today but I am not letting it get me down and neither should you. I just read my grandson a book called “Count Your Blessings” in which the Berenstein Bears learn how to count their blessings instead of wanting toys and “stuff” seen at a friend’s house. What an eye opener for not only my grandson (aged 5) but me as well. The little bears are sitting in front of a nice fire with mom and dad and being loved and they learn that THAT is the biggest blessing of all. Today, think about someone who cares for you but also think about someone YOU care about and give them a call, a thought, or a prayer!

Slow Down-Spend time like you spend your money, Carefully!

In a hurry? Not good! I’m just saying, and yes, I know it is easy to say, that sometimes just a little pre-planning time spent can make a world of difference in your day.

I try to spend by habit, 10 minutes in the morning exercising and 10 minutes doing a plan for the day. It was easier, believe it or not, on days when I had tons of things to do. On a day that you are free or there is little that must be done, it is very simple to let time slip away and let tasks slip and be left undone. This brings huge pressure later.

So free advice-Try to space it out. Try to gain some balance between rush/sleep/dead tired and just taking it a day at a time and trying to meet goals and deadlines as you can. A healthy, realistic way to regulate yourself it to take a long term look and then a short term look. Also, take a good close look at what other people add or detract from your goals. You might be surprised when you, in a totally neutral way, evaluate your co-workers, friends, family and party group. Toxic people are just exactly that! You don’t need it.

All of this takes just what you are trying to save-TIME! It is well worth it though. Again, think long term and you will see that a little elf-evaluation is truly “Time Well Spent.”

Your Thoughts

Can your thoughts and meditations and simple ruminations actually effect your overall health? Yes, and in pretty dramatic ways. “Prevention Magazine” one of my favorite sources for health news and recent updates on clinical studies reveals how seriously bad thoughts, bad Karma, and negative words can draw down your supply of good feelings.

Upbeat people live longer, are healthier, have better blood pressure readings, fewer chronic ailments and on and on. I found this to be highly revealing and took it to heart simply from people I know and how they live their lives. The articles are in this month’s issue of “PREVENTION MAGAZINE.” I highly recommend you give it a read!

Coffee, Anyone?

Coffee is so confusing these days one does not know what to order. Even more important, it is often debatable what coffee is value for money, overpriced, over processed, non-sustainable, and on and on. Here is a simple guide to what you are getting for your $$$ and options for you to make your own informed selection.


  1. Drip: Used in most coffee machines. Use about 2 tablespoons for 10 ounces of water. Many different brands to select from and personal preference is the guideline.
  2. Cold brew: This is new and a matter of personal taste. You soak ground coffee for up to 24 hours in cold water. Use about 10-12 ounces of beans to 6 cups of water. This is very mild and I think it tastes watery!
  3. Single Origin:Many people swear by this as it is traceable sometimes even to a single farm but mostly to a country so one can balance the “fair trade”option
  4. Instant:This speaks for itself and has had a bad reputation, but there are brands of instant coffee that I think are very good and there has been huge improvement in instants. I like the dark black Folger’s.
  5. French Press: In a cylinder, pour water over coffee (your grind preference) and let it set again to your strength preference. Pour out gradually after you depress the handle.

there are other exotic ways to buy/make/enjoy coffee, but if you notice, I have used the word preference many times in this article. Coffee is purely a matter of personal taste. ENJOY!

Movie Review

We saw “Ford versus Ferrari” last night and it was really excellent. Matt Damon absolutely nailed Carrol Shelby. He had the accent, the swagger, AND the just right cowboy hat.

The race scenes were amazing if just a bit long. Ken Miles was depicted as exactly the super hero knowledgeable guy that he honestly was. Very humble but also the acknowledged expert. I also found it fascinating to see Henry Ford II depicted as being surrounded by “suits” who were nothing more than yes men.

Go see this movie even if you are not a car buff. Highly recommended.

Cold and getting colder

It is cold here and predicted to get much colder very soon.

Get a flu shot

Keep your ears and the back of your neck warm

Keep lotion on your skin-especially face and feet

Drive more carefully

Sleep cool-warm jammies but not heavy covers

Many more tips to follow!  Happy Winter-Yes, I am told that many people actually enjoy winter and thrive on cold weather. Who knew???

A Total Day

Make your day a totality today. Take a big shower, wear something you really like, eat a healthy breakfast, and look out the window. Then:

  1. Say a little prayer
  2. Stretch and jog in place
  3. Get into it-house, kids, work etc.
  4. Try to smile as many times a you can
  5. Sing to yourself
  6. Eat a good lunch and treat yourself to a cookie or 1/2 a donut
  7. Take an afternoon rest
  8. Buy yourself some flowers at the grocery store (Grocery store flowers are not bad!)
  9. Have a busy but settled evening
  10. Watch a little TV and clean up the kitchen just before you go to bed
  11. Stretch in your jammies and do a little yoga
  12. Listen to a meditation on your phone
  13. Go to sleep-You have earned it!


All of our lifetime is actually spent doing over. Hopefully, I do not mean repeating trying to be better, I mean trying things in a new and different way. Often we are forced to do this by a move, job change, death, uncontrolled circumstance and so on. Our self-measure is not so much what we do, but how we do it.

How do we respond? Well, we can only respond the way our life experiences have told us that we can-or is that really true? Explore some other ways to think about something and give a new approach a shot. Ask someone, read something about it, go on line and check it out. Make a conscious choice to NOT repeat a failed method and see what happens.

School Time!

“Up in the morning and off to school.”

The teacher is teaching the Golden Rule.

American history and practical math,

I’ll be lucky if I pass!”

Yes, I love that old Chuck Berry song. Kids are off to school now and catching the bus right down on the corner in front of my house. So, this comment is two pronged.

Number one-Watch out for children because chances are they are not watching out for you.

Number Two-Help a teacher. Many teachers, no all teachers except college professors, are woefully underpaid for the responsibilities they have. Find out about a teacher in your local school or find out about some needs for supplies, food donations, clothing help etc. and extend a hand to these real heroes.

Our church asked our teachers to list their needs and they we put out a box in front of the Sunday School classrooms. It was full in a week. There is a teacher in my neighborhood who shared with me that her greatest need is not for tissues or pencils, but for earbuds! Yes. they are frequently lost, broken, etc. and are costly to replace. Another teacher at my local school told a woman’s group that I belong to that her greatest need (Believe this or not!) was for children’s clothing. Second grade kids who wear the same shirt every day, have no coat, have holes in their shoes, and do not wear socks have little need for expensive pens.

Food-Well, yes. Juice boxes, health bars, trail mix and so on are all good to give to a classroom teacher, but you could also find out about the Backpack Buddies in your area. These are groups who pack a special “weekend addition” to those children who get school lunches, but do not have a food source over the weekends. Such things as cereal, staples, canned goods, and donated seasonal items are always needed.


Do a little “homework” and fill a need. I get that it does not help a teacher with salary negotiations with the local School Board, but you can help a teacher help a child. Try it-I  promise that for a very small investment you will feel VERY good.


Time and $$$ Saving Tips For Laundry!

My laundry multiplies in the closet over night! It seems I am never actually laundry free. There is always something dirty. I wash the colors and the whites are still there. I get all set only to find I am out of detergent or bleach or both. All this being said and also true, I set out to find some helpful stuff that might make all of this less of a chore. This is some of what I found. Please feel free to add to the list in the comment section!

  1. Try to organize your laundry room, or lack of a laundry room in a way that makes sense to you. I have a small laundry room so I keep dirty clothes baskets in my closet. I keep one for whites and nearly whites and wishing they were whites in one basket and coloreds in the other. I also regularly wash towers and sheets and I do them together. I do not have a basket for these as I just dump them in all at once when I have time. Everyone’s organization will be different. Try several different methods to see what seems to work out for YOU!
  2. Separate special treatment items. Stains, woolens, a blouse that needs to be washed by itself-you know what I mean, right? I do not have a separate basket for these things but I put them on top of the washer so I will remember not to put them in with regular things.
  3. Watch what you buy. If you need something special for stains, unless you are a mechanic or horse trainer you may not need this often. Buy a small size. Be sure that your regular detergent works for you and if you have a special brand, watch for it to be on sale. I use TIDE liquid and prices vary a lot. I use dryer sheets and brand does not matter to me. I use what is on sale. If you add a liquid softener you may have a brand you like. Again, watch for it to be on sale. Don’t hesitate to buy extra of these two items. they keep for ages.

Add your tips in the comment section. I know there are many others out there.