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Random thoughts I felt were worthy of passing along


It is pretty common knowledge that having someone with which to share life experiences is good not only for your well being, but also for your health. In fact, some say that health and well being are close to the same thing. In the case of having a friend, loved one, special other and on and on, I agree. Being lonely is no fun. Don’t ask me how I know this! I am not there any more, but I have been. Have you?

Shared Wisdom

If you are living a “goal focused” life, then no matter what you do, you never have enough.

Not so with a “value focused” life because your values are always available to you no matter what your circumstance.

I’m Just Saying!

Personal favorite

Winnie the pooh is one of my favorite characters. He has such a positive self-image. He loves and is kind to his friends. He put up with rabbits who are occasionally grumpy. He has a “Love Thy neighbor” outlook on life that is hard to beat. He works within his limitations-Even though he is referred to as a bear with little brain, he is never held back by that definition. He doesn’t hesitate to seek help when necessary. He is pretty game to try new things. Finally, and above all, he is lovable. A guy like that is hard to find these days. (I’m Just Saying!)

Quit Horsing Around!

When you think about the new trend of using different and, dare I say fancier, vocabulary words to describe the same exact thing, it often seems a bit phony. I would generally agree with that with few exceptions. One of those exceptions is the use of the words “healthy eating plan” instead of diet. A diet has a beginning and an end and any food restrictive program that has a start and a finish is doomed.

A plan for aiding you to a healthier life style is one with food modifications and long term goals and not based on such immediate results as things like weighing every morning and whether or not you have to lie on the bed on your back to zip up your jeans. Diets like Keto, Atkins, South Beach and so on are what I call restrictive. Certain foods are promoted and certain foods are banned.

A genuine healthy eating plan is the Mediterranean model that advocates real lifestyle changes and offers a huge variety of healthy foods. I will discuss this more in future posts. I have started about 3 weeks ago to modify my eating habits and so far I love the changes I see in my fitness level. Stay Tuned and get ready to commit and quit horsing around!!

Seventy-Five % Who Knew!

I am putting this article in both the “I’m Just Saying” section and in the WELLNESS category because the whole concept really struck me as meaningful. Let me know what you think.

My husband is a big time sailor and he is currently reading a book called “SEA POWER” written by a retired Admiral. (Admiral James Stavridis) We know that with the world’s oceans and all of the fresh water, that water covers nearly 75% of the surface of the earth. So, I am thinking that here all of us are standing on 25% of the world with billions of other people and it made my problems seem pretty small for about 10 seconds. (Ok, so I do get that our own problems do seem to creep into higher thoughts.)

Admiral Stavridis quotes Shakespeare from his storm at sea drama “The Tempest” and he says. “We are such stuff as dreams are made on,” before he meditates on his literally 11 years at sea out of sight of land. He was 40 years in the Navy, and he figured of that time for 11 years he was literally on the ocean out of sight of land. He had a lot of time to dream-many hours to think about things.

Perhaps the thing about many of his thoughts that struck me with the most power out of all of this was his statements about the fact that all of the oceans have a connection. That is to say, is it all one big ocean? He says that perhaps the reason the British Navy ruled the waves for so many centuries was that they actually “got” this concept. Interconnection-who knew?

Anyway. I am putting that out there today. Instead of thinking about how different we are, why not try to think about what we may each have in common with each other. Are we all meant to be one big interconnected ocean? What do you think?

Big Apology!

My very dear blog friends I must ask you to forgive me for not posting last week. We have been on vacation and I am just now getting set up.

This has been harder to put together than a smoothie with a sweet potato and mushrooms. I think I have it now so thanks for your patience.

Time Out!

“Time Out” is a sort of punishment for children, but for adults it is a GIFT beyond price. Any time you are doing something you don’t like to do, stop and take a time out. In actual fact, we should always stop and take a couple of minutes off no matter what we are doing. Just stop for a bit. Pray, meditate, just sit there, breathe, listen to some music for a while-you get the idea. Take a “time out.”

Just Thinking About….

A friend of mine likes to say that listening to the news is an exercise in sorting out lies. I think that may be true given the state of politics today, but I also think that we must do it. Total trust is perhaps not a good thing. Doubts will always be there and laws that are written in stone do not control our lives. Gray areas exist must be acknowledged.

It is a good thing to just sit quietly for a while and go over what you actually believe and why. Faith has always been a powerful part of my life, but of course, this may not be your rock. Think about where you are and how you got there and whether or not you want to stay there.

Skating Uphill

As you may know, I write a column for PINK Magazine called “Skating Uphill” and my tag line is “Skating uphill is hard work, but when you get to the top, the view is worth the effort” That is my thought for the day today. Believe it!

Thoughts On a Lonely Day

We are snowed in today and have had all of our activities cancelled. It is pretty easy to just watch TV in pajamas. Don’t Do It!!! Get up, take a shower, and get dressed.


Make a list. yes, I am a compulsive list maker. Sometimes, not often, I loose my list, ok, I will give you that, but usually not. Making lists helps to put thoughts in order, but of even more importance, it helps you prioritize. What is the most important thing to do? What next? How good will you feel when things are done? Just sit down right now and give this a try. List let’s say 5 things that you feel you would like to start/finish/ have a look at and so on. Let me know how it goes.