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Random thoughts I felt were worthy of passing along

Eye Of The Beholder?

I love that beauty can come in any form. Flowers are lovely always. Winnie the Pooh is sweet and soft and warm. Scenery is calm and peaceful.

My favorite thing of beauty is often just the right spoken word to make one feel at peace with everything. Pooh Bear has a gift for that. For example:

“You are braver than you know.”

I think this gives one the power to face situations with courage. Sometimes we do not know how brave we actually are until something happens, do we?

Pooh has so many quotes that I absolutely love. I will continue to share them as our summer goes on. BTW one of the things that I really love is SUMMER!

Can We Spring Into Summer Yet?

Pretty soon, dear friends, it will be time for JELL-O with cottage cheese, green JELL-O, and all sorts of other yummy outdoor desserts. I love lemon aid with frozen strawberries used as ice cubes. I also really love any frozen dessert, and don’t forget sweet tea you guys from the South. Sweet tea rules in the summer right along with white bread tomato sandwiches! What are some of YOUR summer favorites?

J is for January and Other Things

I get that JANUARY can be pretty dismal at times, but honestly, if you think about it, perhaps is is not January that is dismal, but actually YOU who are dismal. Some people are sad and downhearted all year long no matter what the weather or whatever else is happening. If that is you, please seek help. Life can be a wonderful gift. Please enable yourself to open the present!

Let Me Speak Frankly!!

Please do not ever tell me you have nothing to do. If you are sitting staring off into space and feeling sorry for yourself, get up and move around. Yes, it is as simple as that. Walk around where you are. Stretch and jog. Bend over as much as you can. Twist around from the waist. You get it. Moving around can make you feel better in both mind and body. The more you move the better. Physical therapists use the phrase, “Motion is Lotion” and they are so very correct!!

Let’s Talk About JOY!

A dear friend just sent me a beautiful picture of a little puppy frisking is a water puddle. The caption was “We all define JOY differently.” How true is that? These guys look like they have joy to share and so do we all. Let’s try to make 2024 as joyous as we can. It takes all of us to do this, because so far it doesn’t look that good. Shall we give JOY a try?? Are you in???