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Random thoughts I felt were worthy of passing along


It is quite a trick these days actually cooking. So often I hear on HGTV people wanting that modern, totally upgraded kitchen and yet they will laugh and say that they seldom cook or only cook on holidays.

Well, I am not in that category. I cook something nearly every day and I really love it. My dad taught me how to cook and it always reminds me of good times and funny mishaps and “interesting” finished products. (My dad drank!)

Some days though I wish I had a back up. Someone?Anyone! My husband cooks some things really well and others just so/so. I often which for a chef once a week or one of those Hello Fresh box dinners. It is not really the cooking that gets a little old, it is thinking of what to have. I think I am going to do some research and see what I can find in the way of new recipes. Yes, I will share!

The Blank Slate

I know that we have talked about the “blank slate” and new start concept before, but what better time than now to actually try it out. A New Year is a new opportunity. Rethink, reset, redo, refresh and try to look at things in a positive light. Look at yourself and perhaps visualize a better you by doing things that are actually in your power. Stop setting unrealistic goals and take an honest look at what YOU can and cannot do, then get to it!

I just saw in a magazine, (HGTV Magazine) several ways to refresh/redo a room for under $50. It recommended things like painting or wallpapering one wall in the room, adding some floating shelves, starting with a BIG clean, buying some colorful pillows, thrift shop discovering a new piece of furniture and painting it, adding some books artistically stacked, a vase of flowers, and on and on. Use your imagination.

BTW on a final note, I mentioned Thrift Store Shopping, and I love it. I have kind of a farm house look and I use old milk bottles for vases and I put in both grocery store flowers and herbs that I grow in my raised bed garden. I have purchased old wooden chairs for as little as a dollar and have found them to be so versatile. Old frames are soooo cheep! They also are useful in many ways. You know that you can frame or just put almost anything up on your walls, right?

So, think about the future as a blank slate. Let go of bad stuff and let’s try it all again in 2022.

Closed Doors?

I understand that this may look like a cold, snowy, nothing day. This is a “closed door” for sure. But wait-I have some words of wisdom for you.

They say that when God closes a door He opens a window. Sometimes though a door closes because it no longer leads to somewhere you should go.”

So, next time it looks like a nothing day, a closed door so to speak, give these suggestions a try:

  1. Call someone
  2. Read a book or magazine you have wanted to look at for a while but not had the time
  3. Bake, Cook, Kitchen Create
  4. Pull it together, dress warm, and go for a walk
  5. If you have a dog, all the better. He is probably dying to go outside
  6. Catch up on Facebook
  7. Write a card or better yet, a real letter, and send it to a friend
  8. Join an on line group but be sure it is free and not tagged
  9. Do a craft-knit, crochet, update recipes, color in your coloring book
  10. Last resort?? Clean your house!

Just For You

Promise me you will always remember that you are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

Christopher Robin said this to Winnie the pooh and I am saying it to you.

Do a quick self evaluation and see if perhaps you are undervaluing yourself.

Go Somewhere!

Yes, you! get up and go somewhere. Take the kids, or in my case grand child, out to someplace where actual food is grown and sold. We went to a place called Kitchen’s Farm Market this last Saturday and they were giving out free coloring books. We came home with pears, a pumpkin to carve, and a couple of hours of fun coloring. The best picture went up on the fridge and we had pears and ice cream for dinner. Okay, so I am not perfect but Mmmm boy, it sure was yummy!

PS The apples were great too!

FKO (For Kids Only)

I found this book in a thrift shop and wanted to share not only the title, but the idea. Take your kids to a farmer’s market or just a farm. If that is not possible, share a book about farms, dairies, or anyplace that gives us food.

So many children today do not realize that food comes out of the ground or from a tree or even a cow. They think it all comes from the grocery store, or worse yet, a Fast Food Restaurant!

No Pun Intended (NOT)

It seems more and more often in these Covid Times one’s life can seem like a “blank slate.” Well, I am personally telling you not to let that happen. Give yourself a break. Try to get out there. Go for a walk. I just got back from our local school grounds which was empty because it is late afternoon, and played fetch with my dog for nearly an hour. I had 4,020 steps on my fitbit and almost 50 active minutes.

I also called an old dear friend that I have not spoken to in almost two weeks. That was a really special art of my day. We both had time to chat and loved it. I also wrote two cards to family members in California. I love to write cards to people and I usually buy them in Thrift Shops, otherwise cards can be more expensive that a gift!

Finally, I masked up and went to the grocery store and purchased the final ingredients for chicken noodle soup that I plan to make tomorrow and deliver to my son and his family. I have also booked a manicure. We can still do that here in beautiful West Virginia so I am going to DO it while I can.

Just stop for a minute to think about what you CAN do rather than dwelling on the things that you can’t do. BTW with masks our church is still open and that is not a bad thing to do either.

PS-Read any good books lately?

I am so grateful that God gave us October. Yes, I am really into Fall and the beautiful colors. I hope that wherever you are you have an opportunity to view, even on TV or on line, this unbelievable time of year.

Cooking For One

Some people say that it is hard to cook for just one person Personally, I don’t think so and I never use this as an excuse to not eat something good. If you don’t want to actually cook, how about opening a carton of yogurt and adding some fruit and a couple of tablespoons of walnuts?

Speaking of cans, what about a can of soup with a piece of French bread or a roll? There are some really good soups out there now and I especially like the “YES!” brand.

Making a sandwich is OK, but how about making a really god one? Keep some boiled eggs in the fridge and make a deviled egg sandwich or cop out and make just sliced boiled egg with mayo and tomato.

Put together a salad and while you are at it, make enough to take some out and have it for lunch the next day See above for a suggestion, you guys!

I confess I often go the easy way and microwave a packaged entre. There ae no TV dinners out there any more. Some of the frozen dinners now are fabulous. I know “Amy’s” are a bit high in fat, but yum yum! Some of the veggie types are really good too.

Cottage cheese and anything (fruit, tomatoes, yogurt, nuts etc) is good and healthy too. OK, so no more excuses.


Take It From Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is a favorite character of mine and I think that as a philosopher he is highly under rated. Just think about this picture. What could be more fun than a crafts day? Knit, sew, clean a little maybe, make something with your kids or grand kids, do a flower arrangement……..and on and on!

He is also going for a walk. I do not even have to tell you how great that is on many different levels.

Finally he has a honey pot in his hands with flowers in it which tells you that he has already eaten the honey. Point? Yes, eat something yummy. Green seedless grapes are as sweet as candy and so healthy.

So, take a tip from W the P and have a great day!!