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Random thoughts I felt were worthy of passing along

Brain Health??

Doctors and behavior specialists are saying that things like jigsaw puzzles and crosswords are good for maintaining brain function. So, to that end, I have taken up crossword puzzles as one of my hobbies. Boy, it has turned out to be not only fun, but a communication tool as well. For example, I can ask my friend in California what a 6 letter word for FUN could possibly be and when she answers, she also recalls some of the fun things we used to do together. It is quite easy to build a little network of crossword pals as it turns out. Who Knew???

Keep That Positive Thought!

You can’t get much happier than this!

This is almost my favorite section of this blog. I love to seek out and share positive thoughts. Some days it it tougher than others to simply fine something good to say, but today was a good day, I have many good thoughts to share:

  1. Don’t let the ugly in others get in the way of your own beauty!

Never try to talk anyone out of their feelings. Rather try to listen to them share with you who they are. Listening to someone is like giving them a present.

2. Learn to HOPE, not expect. Hope is love in a slightly different form.

3. A problem may be an opportunity for you to shine. Check it out and give it time.

Right here, right now, today, you are right where you are meant to be. Think about it.

Beauty Grace Friendship Hope

Peace Contentment Wellness Care

Love Joy kindness Heart

Your favorite partnerships?

Be at peace

Are We There Yet? Is happiness really a journey?

Being “HAPPY” is a choice. How we see ourselves, our surroundings, our friends and our loved ones can be cast as either a positive or a negative. The happy guys above are a bit much I grant you, but if you find yourself always seeing the down side and things look bleak frequently, you may chose to seek help in the many forms available to us nowadays.


New word alert for today is “CUSTOMOZATION” and it is different from the old word which was customize. Customization means that you have not only changed something to your personal needs which is what customize means, but that you have done this as part of a pattern. In other words you regularly change things to your preference, but do it regularly. Yes, if you practice customization, you are indeed a customizer!!

Old Age-New Hobby!

OKAY, so yes, in my old age I have taken up a new hobby. A friend put me on to this and I must say I have really gotten hooked. I don’t do it all of the time, of course, but when I have a quiet moment and also usually at bed time in my PJ’S. I find it is a good relaxer. I have discovered through the FACEBOOK experience that many of my friends do this as well. Who Knew? Anyway, give this a try just for fun. Experts say that crosswords and jigsaw puzzles are really good for brain stimulation especially if done with friends. Try it-set up a little “guess the word” game with some pals who are also into it. I do it now a bit with email and it has been a hoot.

Be Happy!

I love this picture. It makes happiness seem really easy. So, maybe it is easy, or al least not as hard as it could be. Why not give this a try-Think of 3 things in your upcoming day that are ok for you, three things that are good for you, and three things that could make you feel like these guys!!

Yes, I really love to read. I especially love to read books in series. I read cozy mysteries, adventure stories, and stories set in “periods.” I am currently reading a series set in 1926 France and England. Joe Sandilands, the main character, is a WWI veteran as are so many in that time. He is a highly placed official in Scotland Yard who wants nothing more that to be free of solving murders and living with intrigue. There are 13 books and I am on 9. Yes, I have already ordered the rest of the set. Why not look on Amazon and see what is out there? Get hooked on books!

Color Is The NEW Thing!

I recently read in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine (Now called simply BHG) that color is the big new thing. Well, I am sorry, you guys, but I have been into that for as long as Alvin and the Chipmunks have had on their green, red and blue shirts. That’s quite a while too!

Anyway, the June edition of BHG has a big article on new uses for and new hues of COLOR! It’s really interesting and features a favorite of mine-Leanne Ford.