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H. E. A. L. Stands for Healthy Eating, Active Lifestyle. Wellness and Healing are a part of a big picture scenario . It is a totality of nutrition, awareness, mindfulness and physical well being. Check out this category for articles on all of these topics.


I noticed in my newspaper that Kung Fu Panda 4 is now playing in movie theaters. I don’t know if you have seen the movies or if you think this kind of thing is for children only or even a bit corny, but I can assure you that this is not the case. These are movies about an underdog who gains confidence through hard work and makes it.

I highly recommend this attitude and these movies. Let me know what you think!

How Much and How Many?

Okay, so let’s go for a walk. Oh, wait a minute, how far should we walk and BTW just exactly how much should we actually be exercising? Well, as you may have guessed, this is not set in stone no matter what the 10,000 steps a day people say to you.

My doctor tells me that this, like the 8 glasses a day of water, is a myth based on absolutely nothing. In fact, I recently read in Prevention Magazine that for people over 60, the recommended step amount is 3,600 and even that should be individually evaluated.

I walk 5,000 per day and my Fitbit records active minutes and I try to do 20 per day. Walking the dog or running the vacuum are my go to events.

The one bit of nutritional advice that seems to be pretty universal is the 5 servings per day of fruits and veggies. A serving is 1/2 cup and actually this is pretty easy to do. Give it a try for good health instead of taking a pill!

J is for January and Other Things

I get that JANUARY can be pretty dismal at times, but honestly, if you think about it, perhaps is is not January that is dismal, but actually YOU who are dismal. Some people are sad and downhearted all year long no matter what the weather or whatever else is happening. If that is you, please seek help. Life can be a wonderful gift. Please enable yourself to open the present!

Let’s Talk About JOY!

A dear friend just sent me a beautiful picture of a little puppy frisking is a water puddle. The caption was “We all define JOY differently.” How true is that? These guys look like they have joy to share and so do we all. Let’s try to make 2024 as joyous as we can. It takes all of us to do this, because so far it doesn’t look that good. Shall we give JOY a try?? Are you in???

Have You Heard About…..?

All right, so this is not exactly a new word, but the idea and the results were a lesson learned for the good!

My new word for the day today is MAGNESIUM and I will be featuring it in my upcoming article for PINK next month. I have had quite a health awakening and I would like to share.

Recently, I went to my DR. for muscle cramps/spasms, that had become quite severe. Right away she recommended magnesium and I picked it up right away. 250 mg. (OTC)which is 60% or my daily need. I figured that was the correct dose based on the foods I eat.

Well, to make a long and happy story short and still happy, it worked. Not only are my muscle cramps and spasms gone, but I am sleeping better and I feel tons better mentally. I am not one to be down hearted usually, but now I must honestly tell you that even my outlook on life has perked up a lot.

I would never have imagined!!


Drink lots of liquid to keep hydrated, but of course we know now that it does not have to be 8 glasses of water. Lemonade and fruit juices are great. Most sports drinks are good and some of them are even great. Hydrating foods like melon and vegetables are fabulous. Those are the YES group. How about the NO group? Anything with caffine or alcohol are big no no drinks for hydrating purposes. They are just the opposite. They will dehydrate your body very quickly and not in a good way. Drink lots of liquid and eat watery foods, and enjoy summer!


The healthy eating plan known as NOOM categorizes foods as either RED, GREEN, or YELLOW. One is given varied amounts in each category depending on things like fiber, calories, fat, protein, etc. Green foods are almost unlimited, Yellow foods are allowed generously, and obviously the Red category is severely limited.

This is by no means a commercial for NOOM or any other plan for that matter, but I will say that if you can get a hold of one of their food charts, it will be of great interest. I think they have really nailed it when it comes to a healthy eating set up. I have successfully done NOOM and it worked for me to loose the weight I needed to loose, but on an ongoing basis it was too complicated. It was really good to know and make a habit though of keeping track of types of food eaten rather than calories or some other type of measurement.

Detox? Never!

This picture is blurry for a very good reason. I just finished reading an article in the July issue of Prevention magazine about all of the recent crazy Detox stuff that is going around. Supposedly, you can Detox any organ of your body, your whole body, cleanse your vagina, give your liver a good bath and on and on. Well, according to Prevention, which I have subscribed to and really loved for years, NO DETOX actually works. The best way to cleanse your body? Okay, you guessed it ahead of me: Your body actually has many tools to clean itself and your only job is to keep your organs and systems in good order and the way you do it is the same way we have all been told to keep ourselves healthy for a long time now. Eat fruits and veg, watch fats, watch sugar, eat fish and lean meats and I could go on and on. In fact, you could probably write this too.

PS-Did I mention to walk every day and keep a healthy weight? No? Well, you already knew that, right?

Yes, I really love to read. I especially love to read books in series. I read cozy mysteries, adventure stories, and stories set in “periods.” I am currently reading a series set in 1926 France and England. Joe Sandilands, the main character, is a WWI veteran as are so many in that time. He is a highly placed official in Scotland Yard who wants nothing more that to be free of solving murders and living with intrigue. There are 13 books and I am on 9. Yes, I have already ordered the rest of the set. Why not look on Amazon and see what is out there? Get hooked on books!