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H. E. A. L. Stands for Healthy Eating, Active Lifestyle. Wellness and Healing are a part of a big picture scenario . It is a totality of nutrition, awareness, mindfulness and physical well being. Check out this category for articles on all of these topics.

Get Up In The Morning And…….

I keep a chart in my bathroom with 10 items on it. They are all “first thing in the morning” things that I do each and every day. Try it and you will see that it is simple to develop this very healthy and easy check list into a habit. The trick is to find 10 or your own number, of healthy things that you think you can realistically DO not 120 things that you WISH you could do. Try these:

  1. Weigh, record your weight in your ever handy little notebook.
  2. Exercise 5 minutes-only try for that to be sure to succeed. If you say 1/2 hour you are sure to NOT make it-Don’t ask me how I know this. I have my elastic band, my 1 lb. weights, my egg timer, a couple of lists of good moves, and a DVD that I can play just by punching the button. I am all set, every day with this little area and supply of stuff.
  3. Brush your teeth and drink a sip of water.
  4. Shower (Not everybody likes to shower every morning. I do not. Instead I wash my face with a rough cloth and warm water.)
  5. Moisturize face with your fav. I love OLAY Regenerist. Put on body lotion. I do not have a fav here. I usually buy what is on sale at Walmart. I have made some real finds this way!
  6. Sit down for a minute and meditate quietly on your day and what you hope to achieve or share.
  7. Dress accordingly (I really enjoy this part of my morning. I like to pick out what I am going to wear even if it is jeans and a T-shirt to clean house.
  8. Make the bed. I hope you have a couple of cute pillows too. They can cheer up a down day sometimes.
  9. Do a quick bedroom tidy.
  10. Do a q2uick bathroom tidy

All of this, and or your additions or deductions should be done in about 10 or so minutes. I know moms or early workers may squeeze this a bit and that is okay. Since I have retired I can stretch it as my day is laid out. Suit yourself and of course, modify!!

Thoughts on NOOM

Last year I went on NOOM for several months and lost 10 pounds. I really like NOOM and purchased many of their extras which I also liked. Their lists of GREEN foods, RED foods, and YELLOW foods was of huge help to me. For example, some green foods include nearly all fruits and vegetables, fat free dairy, and plenty of grains. The plan was not difficult. So, why have I regained the lost weight? Well, it is certainly not the fault of NOOM I can tell you. I have a downfall. I have a fatal flaw. Do you??

My total and always and ever downfall is the simple fat that I am a snacker. I am at the fridge, the pantry, and even my poor little grandson’s stash of M and M’s. I eat Wheat Thins, but with peanut butter. I eat lite cheese, but with lovely bread. I could go on and on, but I am sure you get the picture. I am though, at last overcoming this awful habit. I am down 5 of the lost/regained weight and counting. There is no magic about it. I just simply got tired of failure. Remember that when you start any new plan and have the same hope for success and fear of failure. Keep at it. Don’t give up. In the end, you know it is worth it!

Everything works and Nothing Works except YOU!


I love to shop seasonal farmers markets in the spring and summer, but these days it seems that, in all honesty, one can find “fresh” produce almost year round. I grant you that some is better than others, but if you check around, find out from your store manager, and keep your eyes and mind open, you can do really well with healthy foods. I have not yet tried the box to my door idea, but my neighbor tells me that Hungry Root is really great? Opinions?

Corny/Not Corny!

Give Me A Break-Corny Can Be Good

I have been out of commission for a while and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your patience and your wonderful comments. Like most Bloggers, I thrive on feedback and comment. I know this sounds corny, but please do keep it up. The more the better!! Thanks again so much. I have been Skating Uphill for a bit, but as the Uphill Skater likes to say,

“Skating Uphill is really hard, but when you get to the top, the view is worth it!”

Keep that in mind. I always do.

Thoughts-Random, Yet Meaningful, I Think

Perhaps “Reflections”

Vision is the gift of seeing what others do not

You will find no shortcuts to the really good places you would like to be

To look backward you must first stand still and then turn around. Don’t Do It

Sometimes leading and being an active follower are very similiar

I love words like respect, pride, honesty, and compassion

Do you have any Random thoughts? Please do share!

Ins and outs of cooking grains

So many new grains, so little time

The more I read about ancient grains and new “fad” grains that we eat for fiber the more I become confused. Personally, I have liked in the past the little cups of different kinds of rice that you pop in the microwave for one minute, but seemingly that does just not cut it any more. I have started to experiment around a little for two reasons-First, I like rice. I also like Quinoa but I don’t like Faro. I like warm rice with salmon or Chinese food, but I also love cold rice salad. So, here are a few tips for boiling or steaming grains.

  1. Quinoa is one cup of quinoa to two cups of water. You need to simmer it for sometimes over 20 minutes, but watch it toward the end because it is done when all of the water is absorbed but burnt shortly thereafter!
  2. Brown rice is the same-one cup rice to two cups water. simmer again until the water is absorbed.
  3. Couscous-This is a little easier. One cup grain to two and a half cups water but Bring to a boil then just put on a lid and remove from the heat. Let is sit for a few minutes then fluff with a fork.
  4. Just regular white rice is one cup rice to one and one half cups water. Simmer covered for about 15 minutes. BTW add whatever spice or flavoring you like to the rice and it will be absorbed.

Finally, you can do what I suggested at the beginning. Buy instant. Real grain lovers don’t do this very often, but it really does work, honest!

Someone is trying to tell YOU something!

Do you get the hint?

Lately in many magazines I have been seeing articles and statistics about plant based diets. Not vegan or even very strict vegetarian, but maybe trying a couple of days a week or say five meals per week or any goal you may chose to try. Stats about obesity, blood pressure and heart attack are astounding when your red meat and animal fat intake is reduced. Why not try it??? (Recommended-5 servings, a serving being 1/2 cup, per day of fruits and vegetables. )

Healthy Eating, Active Lifestyle-HEAL

Yes, Lemons!

These days people are ordering custom water with their meals. Feel free to do just that yourself. Lemon water is very good for you so always ask for a slice of lemon with your water. What??? You don’t order water with your meals!!! Always ask for water with a slice of lemon and not too much ice. It’s OK. Who knew?

I can’t do 8 glasses of water or liquid a day and that is not a magic number anyway, but I measure and drink 6 glasses per day.

Oh, BTW have this at home too. Recent studies tell us that dehydration can lead to a number of illness and also to premature aging! Remember too that you can count anything but a beverage containing caffine or alcohol for your liquid.