Have You Heard About…..?

All right, so this is not exactly a new word, but the idea and the results were a lesson learned for the good!

My new word for the day today is MAGNESIUM and I will be featuring it in my upcoming article for PINK next month. I have had quite a health awakening and I would like to share.

Recently, I went to my DR. for muscle cramps/spasms, that had become quite severe. Right away she recommended magnesium and I picked it up right away. 250 mg. (OTC)which is 60% or my daily need. I figured that was the correct dose based on the foods I eat.

Well, to make a long and happy story short and still happy, it worked. Not only are my muscle cramps and spasms gone, but I am sleeping better and I feel tons better mentally. I am not one to be down hearted usually, but now I must honestly tell you that even my outlook on life has perked up a lot.

I would never have imagined!!

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