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I write articles for PINK Magazine. This section contains reprints of Healthy Living articles. My articles share tips for living a healthy lifestyle and diet information. I include healthy recipes and weight loss information.

Corny/Not Corny!

Give Me A Break-Corny Can Be Good

I have been out of commission for a while and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your patience and your wonderful comments. Like most Bloggers, I thrive on feedback and comment. I know this sounds corny, but please do keep it up. The more the better!! Thanks again so much. I have been Skating Uphill for a bit, but as the Uphill Skater likes to say,

“Skating Uphill is really hard, but when you get to the top, the view is worth it!”

Keep that in mind. I always do.

Happy New Year???

Can we agree to make 2023 a clean slate-Let’s Hope So!

I get that blog comments stay up forever and become not so timely, and I also get that Happy New Year is a bit corny, but 2022 was not a particularly great time for many people in many places and so I am putting this wish out there for all of us to give a bit of thought. What can we do to make things better? Okay, so here is my take on it.

  1. In order to do better, you have to BE better.
  2. Be kind to others-Golden Rule time: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  3. Communicate Better Say what you really mean.
  4. Remember that you are nice to people not because they are nice, but because YOU are nice.
  5. A little kindness goes a long way so try “paying it forward” a couple of times and see how it makes you feel. I bought the guy behind me at Wendy’s the other day a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich and he followed me out to the parking lot to thank me and said he could only afford one sandwich and was going to give it to his little boy but with the extra $$$ he bought two. Yes, if you think that made my day, you are right! Do this sometime, please. It is such a feel good sensation. So go forward with JOY into 2023 and pass it around!!!

What will you write on your 2023 blank slate?

Great Days


Yes, I know that Thanksgiving is no longer politically correct, but can we not gather with loved ones and share a meal? Can we enjoy each other’s company and forgive and forget past wrongs, think about the future not the past, and just talk about anything good that we all feel? Don’t look back, you are not going that way!

There are sooo many things to do with an empty pie shell. Think of it as a totally blank canvas and go from there. I think first of quiche. I make literally 10 different types of quiche with veggies, different types of cheeses, and leftovers.

Think also of fruit pies. The skies the limit on fruit pies with all different types of fruit, different toppings and so on. Think also of summer pies, I love the one you make with jello, cool whip and jello pudding. Yummy.

I am sure you could think of many more things to do with an empty pie crust. Also, one can do so much with imagination. Foods are such a pallet. Think about tastes you love and combine with other tastes you love. Also, think about all of the new fruits and veggies that are out there now.

Finally, I do not mean to be a nag, but also check out labels as you shop. We now know sooo much more about nutrition and health. Take advantage of all of this new knowledge.

We Are Back!

I have been on a vacation, but have been thinking of all of those of you who have been faithfully following this blog. We have been learning new things together, I hope, and gaining and growing in many ways. Participation has been wonderful and I hope it will continue to be so. Please write a comment, share a recipe or thought, and just be a part of “Skating Uphill.” My sort of life motto has always been that skating uphill is really hard work, but when you get to the top, the view is well worth it! I hope you agree.

Anyway, we are back and ready to go again. Join the group for recipes, stories to share, comments, life style tips, and on and on. Thanks to all and of course, I have been “Thinking of You!”

Fresh and Refresh

Refresh, fresh fish, fresh produce, fresh face, and on and on.

What we are talking about here is fresh! To me fresh has mostly food meanings. I love to Farmer’s Market shop for crunchy veggies and I always do “pick your own” fruits in season whenever I can. What is also part of the meaning of the word fresh to me is renewal. I guess I am talking about the term “freshen up.”  To freshen ourselves up or to freshen up our surroundings can be daunting and frustrating. the New Year is a good time to perhaps revisit some goals that may have failed in the past.

I think that the new year is a time for forgiving ourselves and giving whatever it is a “fresh” try, don’t you?  How about we start with remodeling the bathroom? Oh, can’t afford the contractor or the architect? Well, here is an idea for a fresh start. Begin by just cleaning the hell out of everything. Scrub everything out, wash the walls, and whatever else needs to be done. Stand back and look at that then look at your budget. Start with some colorful towels and move on to a bright, cheerful shower curtain. If you don’t have a medicine cabinet buy a mirror at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They start at under $ 20! Do all of that and then see how you feel. No tile or paint or sink. Just that. I promise you will see you old bathroom as new and fresh! 

 Wow, you have been so successful there, let’s do the fridge. Start by taking everything out-yes, I mean everything . Look at your stuff and toss anything old. Wipe down what you have left and then wipe down the inside and outside of the fridge. I read in a magazine that you should see color when you look in your fridge, so try to do that. Put fruit in front. Arrange labels so the colorful side shows. Use your imagination. Make your fridge cheerful. Don’t say this is stupid. Just take half an hour and try it. When you are done, give your kitchen a great big clean and buy some grocery store flowers and a basil plant and be happy. Oh, finally, for just a couple of dollars, replace old dish towels and check out that old fringe curtain above the kitchen sink window. Walmart and a couple of dollars could change your dish washing life! You might get so inspired that you will go crazy and clean the whole rest of the house while looking for cheap easy places to put color. 

Last but not least, and most important of all, refresh yourself. Read a good self help book, take a big shower in your new bathroom, shave your legs, put a rinse on your hair, and put on a cute outfit that is easy to button or better yet has an elastic waist band. As the new you walks out the door to buy those flowers and herb plants, think good thoughts about you having spent half a day and about $25 and having a really fresh outlook on 2022. 

PINK-Free Advice

  “Yes, yet again it is advice you may not really want to hear!”     

The Uphill Skater  One year when we lived on Hilton Head Island, we had a party invite for every night in December including Christmas Eve. We could not believe it and indeed felt very popular. That is until we realized that nearly everyone had invites for every night in December and if they didn’t it meant that they were having a party of their own. Let’s face it y’all, HHI is a party kind of place and Christmas and the holidays are just to perfect to pass up!  I said I had unwanted and unpopular tips for you party goers and I do. If you follow these tips even though it seems a real party pooper agenda, trust me, you will thank me very much later. You can shoot me and email or comment on my blog to say, “Thanks Judith, you were right” any time you like. first of all, and this is not a fun killer, believe me, simply do not drink at parties. There is always something non alcoholic around to have without anyone noticing or caring and if you keep your wits about you, you will chat more, see more, and just as a side benefit, you can have the last laugh at those who have had too much to drink. Oh, and there is one more benefit-it will be much easier for you not to overeat. When one has had something to drink the tendency is to overeat because you are simply not paying attention. Just try this for your first party. You can thank me tin the morning! 

Next, and this is not a party killer either, be comfortable. Wear comfortable shoes, a comfortable dress, comfortable undies and so on. If you have a dress that is just that bit too tight, don’t be tempted to wear something to hold you in. It isn’t worth it. Don’t wear spikes or total flats. Wear comfortable shoes that still look good. I am sure you have a pair somewhere. If not, buy yourself one for Christmas. The last thing you want to say when someone asks you if you are having a good time at the party is, “My feet are killing me!” You can still look great and will look even better because nothing hurts and you can actually stand up.

When you do go to the buffet, which of course you will, try to pick out some of your favorites. This should be obvious, but how many times have you seen people not only loading their plates, but standing next to the table snacking as they fill and refill? Yes, I know this because it used to be my life. You can eat literally thousands of calories simply standing there noshing. Remember, you are comfortable and sober. You don’t need to eat your way through the evening. Last tip: figure out if you need to go alone or with someone. If you would like to meet someone new at the party, for God’s sake don’t go with your skinny blond girlfriend. Also don’t go with a guy friend. He may look too much like a date and scare off Mr. Right. Do take a friend if you don’t know anyone else and do not want to be left standing alone all evening. Kind of gauge how you are thinking the evening will pan out. And remember, it is okay for you do drive home whenever you feel like it because you are sober. Enjoy the parties. And by that, I mean that you should enjoy the parties even more than you ever have before!!  Love, Judith

PINK #friendship

 “I often wonder how Elizabeth Millen and her crew think up these really great themes???”   The Uphill Skater  #friendship goals set me to thinking the minute I read it. I not only thought about the word friendship, but also how in the world it could be tied in with the word goal? Eazzzy Peazzy as it turned out, but because I am into food and nutrition, my first thoughts were about how to make food your friend. In other words, what sort of goals would you set to make food your actual friend. So many times in my day I think of food as the enemy. I see cookies, my special weakness which is chips of ANY kind, that second glass of wine, butter or extra cheese on anything… I could go on and on, and so could YOU! We spend so much time thinking about foods that seem yummy but are in fact looking to be sneaky and glue themselves to our hips, that often we look at all foods in the same light and we forget that we must have food to survive and that we also must have the RIGHT foods to be our best selves.  

So we all know what foods are not out friends, but let me share a few foods that could and should be not only our friends, but our BFF and bonded sister friend for life. First the quick and easy. Raw fruits and vegetables are good in so many ways. Nutrients, minerals, and big time fiber are some of the ways that raw fruits and vegetables love us and we should love them back. Quick and easy too.  Buy them in a bag or not and just enjoy. Oh, also, nutritionists pretty much universally say that you should eat the rainbow. In other words, enjoy foods of all colors. The deeper the color the better and surprise, surprise, the deeper the color, the fresher the product.  PS-Frozen veg are also quick and easy and equally healthy. Dairy in moderation is also our friend. Just for something really quick and good, take either cottage cheese or yogurt, add any fruit, a bit of honey, and some nuts or granola. This is sooo very good and so healthy. Note the above advice and and eat colors-blueberries, strawberries, apples, oranges and so forth. Fat free frozen yogurt is good with fruit, by itself, and in a smoothie. Use fruit juice in your smoothie instead of milk and add vitamins and save calories.  A final way to make food your friend is to take it with you. Yes, bring along your new friend. Set a goal to take food you have prepared yourself at home  and you will be sure to have something good and good for you. You are sure to like it also! Take your lunch. Take your breakfast and eat at work or on your break. Pack your own food whenever possible.  Let food be something you welcome into your home and to your party. Bring it along just as you would a friend. Welcome good nutritious food and set a goal to seek it out. Look for fresh produce, read labels, sample and taste, and read up on the values in different foods. Pick your favorites and hang out with them just as you would your special friends.  You can thank me later!

In Training-Get it?

We are , in fact, always in some kind of training. We may be trying yoga for the first time, learning a new healthy eating plan, or even taking a pottery class. Here are a few life tips for whatever you may be doing with your day today.

  1. Always remember to stretch before and after you do any kind of exercise.
  2. Try your best not to snack. Grab an apple if you just MUST have something.
  3. Eat your 5 servings of fruits and veg. daily. It is not that hard. A serving is only 1/2 cup.
  4. Try Quinoa or some other different food.
  5. Read a magazine you have not read before. I like to recommend “Real Simple” or if you are an HGTV fan you might try their mag. or the “Magnolia Journal.”
  6. Try to actively fight a bad habit.
  7. Make a list of NOT meals or calories, but rather of foods you like to eat that are healthy and then try to keep to these foods. After all, you just said you LIKE them.
  8. Evaluate yourself-Daily if you need to, but on a regular basis. No one knows YOU like you!

OK, so you hate other people’s tips-I get that. Just pick one and try it. Maybe you will go on to get on board the “Train.” Let me know how it goes.