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 “I often wonder how Elizabeth Millen and her crew think up these really great themes???”   The Uphill Skater  #friendship goals set me to thinking the minute I read it. I not only thought about the word friendship, but also how in the world it could be tied in with the word goal? Eazzzy Peazzy as it turned out, but because I am into food and nutrition, my first thoughts were about how to make food your friend. In other words, what sort of goals would you set to make food your actual friend. So many times in my day I think of food as the enemy. I see cookies, my special weakness which is chips of ANY kind, that second glass of wine, butter or extra cheese on anything… I could go on and on, and so could YOU! We spend so much time thinking about foods that seem yummy but are in fact looking to be sneaky and glue themselves to our hips, that often we look at all foods in the same light and we forget that we must have food to survive and that we also must have the RIGHT foods to be our best selves.  

So we all know what foods are not out friends, but let me share a few foods that could and should be not only our friends, but our BFF and bonded sister friend for life. First the quick and easy. Raw fruits and vegetables are good in so many ways. Nutrients, minerals, and big time fiber are some of the ways that raw fruits and vegetables love us and we should love them back. Quick and easy too.  Buy them in a bag or not and just enjoy. Oh, also, nutritionists pretty much universally say that you should eat the rainbow. In other words, enjoy foods of all colors. The deeper the color the better and surprise, surprise, the deeper the color, the fresher the product.  PS-Frozen veg are also quick and easy and equally healthy. Dairy in moderation is also our friend. Just for something really quick and good, take either cottage cheese or yogurt, add any fruit, a bit of honey, and some nuts or granola. This is sooo very good and so healthy. Note the above advice and and eat colors-blueberries, strawberries, apples, oranges and so forth. Fat free frozen yogurt is good with fruit, by itself, and in a smoothie. Use fruit juice in your smoothie instead of milk and add vitamins and save calories.  A final way to make food your friend is to take it with you. Yes, bring along your new friend. Set a goal to take food you have prepared yourself at home  and you will be sure to have something good and good for you. You are sure to like it also! Take your lunch. Take your breakfast and eat at work or on your break. Pack your own food whenever possible.  Let food be something you welcome into your home and to your party. Bring it along just as you would a friend. Welcome good nutritious food and set a goal to seek it out. Look for fresh produce, read labels, sample and taste, and read up on the values in different foods. Pick your favorites and hang out with them just as you would your special friends.  You can thank me later!

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