PINK-Free Advice

  “Yes, yet again it is advice you may not really want to hear!”     

The Uphill Skater  One year when we lived on Hilton Head Island, we had a party invite for every night in December including Christmas Eve. We could not believe it and indeed felt very popular. That is until we realized that nearly everyone had invites for every night in December and if they didn’t it meant that they were having a party of their own. Let’s face it y’all, HHI is a party kind of place and Christmas and the holidays are just to perfect to pass up!  I said I had unwanted and unpopular tips for you party goers and I do. If you follow these tips even though it seems a real party pooper agenda, trust me, you will thank me very much later. You can shoot me and email or comment on my blog to say, “Thanks Judith, you were right” any time you like. first of all, and this is not a fun killer, believe me, simply do not drink at parties. There is always something non alcoholic around to have without anyone noticing or caring and if you keep your wits about you, you will chat more, see more, and just as a side benefit, you can have the last laugh at those who have had too much to drink. Oh, and there is one more benefit-it will be much easier for you not to overeat. When one has had something to drink the tendency is to overeat because you are simply not paying attention. Just try this for your first party. You can thank me tin the morning! 

Next, and this is not a party killer either, be comfortable. Wear comfortable shoes, a comfortable dress, comfortable undies and so on. If you have a dress that is just that bit too tight, don’t be tempted to wear something to hold you in. It isn’t worth it. Don’t wear spikes or total flats. Wear comfortable shoes that still look good. I am sure you have a pair somewhere. If not, buy yourself one for Christmas. The last thing you want to say when someone asks you if you are having a good time at the party is, “My feet are killing me!” You can still look great and will look even better because nothing hurts and you can actually stand up.

When you do go to the buffet, which of course you will, try to pick out some of your favorites. This should be obvious, but how many times have you seen people not only loading their plates, but standing next to the table snacking as they fill and refill? Yes, I know this because it used to be my life. You can eat literally thousands of calories simply standing there noshing. Remember, you are comfortable and sober. You don’t need to eat your way through the evening. Last tip: figure out if you need to go alone or with someone. If you would like to meet someone new at the party, for God’s sake don’t go with your skinny blond girlfriend. Also don’t go with a guy friend. He may look too much like a date and scare off Mr. Right. Do take a friend if you don’t know anyone else and do not want to be left standing alone all evening. Kind of gauge how you are thinking the evening will pan out. And remember, it is okay for you do drive home whenever you feel like it because you are sober. Enjoy the parties. And by that, I mean that you should enjoy the parties even more than you ever have before!!  Love, Judith

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