In Training-Get it?

We are , in fact, always in some kind of training. We may be trying yoga for the first time, learning a new healthy eating plan, or even taking a pottery class. Here are a few life tips for whatever you may be doing with your day today.

  1. Always remember to stretch before and after you do any kind of exercise.
  2. Try your best not to snack. Grab an apple if you just MUST have something.
  3. Eat your 5 servings of fruits and veg. daily. It is not that hard. A serving is only 1/2 cup.
  4. Try Quinoa or some other different food.
  5. Read a magazine you have not read before. I like to recommend “Real Simple” or if you are an HGTV fan you might try their mag. or the “Magnolia Journal.”
  6. Try to actively fight a bad habit.
  7. Make a list of NOT meals or calories, but rather of foods you like to eat that are healthy and then try to keep to these foods. After all, you just said you LIKE them.
  8. Evaluate yourself-Daily if you need to, but on a regular basis. No one knows YOU like you!

OK, so you hate other people’s tips-I get that. Just pick one and try it. Maybe you will go on to get on board the “Train.” Let me know how it goes.

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