Detox? Never!

This picture is blurry for a very good reason. I just finished reading an article in the July issue of Prevention magazine about all of the recent crazy Detox stuff that is going around. Supposedly, you can Detox any organ of your body, your whole body, cleanse your vagina, give your liver a good bath and on and on. Well, according to Prevention, which I have subscribed to and really loved for years, NO DETOX actually works. The best way to cleanse your body? Okay, you guessed it ahead of me: Your body actually has many tools to clean itself and your only job is to keep your organs and systems in good order and the way you do it is the same way we have all been told to keep ourselves healthy for a long time now. Eat fruits and veg, watch fats, watch sugar, eat fish and lean meats and I could go on and on. In fact, you could probably write this too.

PS-Did I mention to walk every day and keep a healthy weight? No? Well, you already knew that, right?

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