Sooo Easy Brownies/NOT

These brownies are actually made with cookie dough! Can we say “crownie?”

I was at a Birthday Party yesterday and had a yummy brownie looking thing that did not taste a thing like a brownie. I tracked down the maker, which I always do if I have something different, and here is the super easy recipe. Actually this is not really even a recipe, it is just how to make it.

Press a roll of chocolate chip cookie dough into a greased baking dish. Press Oreo cookies into the dough lightly. I arranged mine in ordered rows, but you do not need to do that. My new best friend said to just put them in and don’t crumble them up. On top of this make up and pour out your fav packaged brownie mix and cook as the box directs.

No kidding, these were dy/no/mite and gone in a heartbeat. Boy, you never know who has a super idea. Always ask!!

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