Seems like never out of season???

It seems like you can always find apples in the produce section and I mean really good apples too. I know we have talked about healthy apples before, but I would like to add just a couple of more really easy recipes including one for your air fryer.

Easy Baked Apples

I don’t know how you can get any easier than this. Cut off the top of the apple just a little less than one third down from the stem and core it apple with an actual core tool. (It looks like a potato peeler sort of and you push it down into the apple) If you don’t have this kitchen tool, simply remove down as far as you can into the center of the apple with a pointed knife and remove the center and seeds. Pour whatever you like down into the center. I use a bit of butter and brown sugar and some crushed walnuts. I sprinkle the top with cinnamon or nutmeg if you prefer. Bake at 350 until the apple is soft and scoop out with a spoon. This is good with a spoon of Cool-Whip or vanilla ice cream. (PS Spray some PAM Butter Flavor into a pie tin and place the apples in bottom down. Cover for the first 15 minutes then uncover.)

Air Fryer Apples (Yes, really)

Cut an apple in half and gently clean out the seeds and hard center. Cut out as much as you can (about half) of the flesh and cut it into small pieces. Mix it with your favorite granola and a bit of melted butter. Bake in the air fryer in an oven proof small dish at 350 for about 12 minutes or until soft. Do not peel the apple. Try mixing up the granola you use. My favorite is called Tropical Trail Mix and it has nuts, coconut flakes, and bits of dried fruits. Add a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt and say yummy to a low cal treat.

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