Big Apology!

My very dear blog friends I must ask you to forgive me for not posting last week. We have been on vacation and I am just now getting set up.

This has been harder to put together than a smoothie with a sweet potato and mushrooms. I think I have it now so thanks for your patience.

January PINK Article

“Is 2021 going to be the year of substitutions? No, No, No, A Thousand Times NO!” The Uphill Skater

My first job when I went back to work after I stayed at home with my children was as a substitute teacher. I absolutely hated it. It was the worst thing I had ever done. There are some things that you just can’t substitute and teachers are one of them. Either I fell in love with the class and had to leave right away or or I did not click with the class and the teacher was out weeks longer than expected. I couldn’t win. I feel the same way about many things that we call substitutes. It is not the real thing and that is a fact. Sometimes it works, but most of the time it just doesn’t.

In these days of Covid restrictions we are substituting going out to the movies with staying home watching Netflix. I guess we have to do this, but let’s take a shower first and get dressed. We should not be sitting in our jammies with popcorn butter dripping all over the blanket we are wrapped in and our house a mess. Take out and delivery are also big, and I get it that is necessary but again, are we eating out of the carton or pizza box in a sweat suit with bare feet and unwashed hair? And speaking of our living space, Covid experts say that dust and germs and bacteria go hand in hand. Clean your house and put up some decor. Have a life!

Pay It Forward. I have already started paying it forward in a big way, but believe me it is not easy. I have paid for the groceries of the lady behind me in line, bought coffee for the next person in the McDonalds drive through, and given a parking space that was clearly mine to a pushy guy in an SUV. Not easy, but boy, it actually evoked quite a feel good rush. I plan to continue to do this. Obviously I can’t buy everybody’s groceries on a long term basis, but I can always say a kind word, give a compliment, do a favor, call someone, and so on. I know you understand this, so get started yourself. Honestly, I can’t tell you what a moral booster this is.

Next, Let’s trade in grumpy for kind just like you would trade in that old car or a better new one. Use some emotional substitutions. How can that work? Well, how about this: smile when you really don’t feel like it. Try to interact with others in a positive way by stopping the negative talk that is so prevalent these days. Don’t watch things on TV that make you mad unless you are prepared to do something about it. (My husband saw something on the news the other day that made him furious and he started to tell me about in a furious way. No, No, No! I am not having it. I told him to write a letter and I’ll be darned if he didn’t do it. We both felt better for days!)

Being downhearted is a bummer. Some days we can’t help it, but we can head it off at the pass if we have a plan. Then, on those days, we can have a quick “go to” happy place. Have a book of happy quotes, keep a favorite old movie handy, know where to go for a lovely walk, give your dog a bath, play some music and just for fun, dance to it. I can’t believe I am saying this, but eat something. Often, nothing else will do. Don’t substitute a piece of celery for a brownie either. It doesn’t work like that and we all know it.

Finally, even in these times, do not substitute mediocre for great. Keep your chins up, all of them! Be your best self. Inside all of us is a truly kind and lovely person which is our true core self. If that is not your case, fake it and feel your spirit soften. We all need to be good to each other every chance we get. You can’t substitute that. Love, Judith

Time Out!

“Time Out” is a sort of punishment for children, but for adults it is a GIFT beyond price. Any time you are doing something you don’t like to do, stop and take a time out. In actual fact, we should always stop and take a couple of minutes off no matter what we are doing. Just stop for a bit. Pray, meditate, just sit there, breathe, listen to some music for a while-you get the idea. Take a “time out.”

Corny But Good!

I love corn. On the cob is good. In salad is good. In chili is good too. Best of all though is a really corny winter supper-corn soup with corn bread-don’t forget a little honey for the corn bread. I use Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix. I thought everybody did???

Corn Soup

Chicken Broth (I am a vegetarian so I always use vegetable broth)

Diced Celery, onions, and carrots,

fresh or frozen corn

Noodles-Any type you like, I use penne or broken up linguini

If you are not vegetarian you may want to add some chicken or if you are a vegetarian, add Quorn, my favorite veggie chicken substitute.

Salt and pepper to taste

I have not given any specific amounts. Think about the number of people you are serving and what you like and don’t like and go from there.

Tips-I never use raw honey and I don’t recommend it. Remember, this is a soup, not a chowder. Quorn is available in most vegetarian sections of grocery stores. It is the #1 selling vegetarian product in the UK. It is not made from soy, but whey and wheat products so not gluten free.

Just Thinking About….

A friend of mine likes to say that listening to the news is an exercise in sorting out lies. I think that may be true given the state of politics today, but I also think that we must do it. Total trust is perhaps not a good thing. Doubts will always be there and laws that are written in stone do not control our lives. Gray areas exist must be acknowledged.

It is a good thing to just sit quietly for a while and go over what you actually believe and why. Faith has always been a powerful part of my life, but of course, this may not be your rock. Think about where you are and how you got there and whether or not you want to stay there.

“I Hate Eggs”

Eugenia Martin

Believe this or not, I had a Facebook friend tell me, after I went to all of the trouble to find so MANY great egg recipes for breakfast, that she actually hates eggs. While I do not personally know a bunch of egg haters, I am prepared to acknowledge that they do exist and I am up to the challenge. Check out these “Not Eggs” yummy things to have for breakfast. Remember also, breakfast is good any time of the day-we don’t judge!

  1. Pancakes with blueberries, chocolate chips, strawberries, wrapped around a sausage or pieces of bacon or go bold and wrap a pancake around a slice of ham or even bolder-smoked salmon.
  2. Biscuits- Too many recipes to count and that is not even mentioning the ones that come in the ever so hard to open tube. My personal favorite is Bisquick rolled not dropped.
  3. Another personal favorite is OVERNIGHT OATS. There are so many variations on this popular dish that can also easily be taken along for lunch or snack. Just one idea: In your carry container put a packet of apple/cinnamon instant oatmeal. Spoon a layer of apple cinnamon yogurt next. Drizzle about 3 tablespoons of honey. Add a chopped apple. Sprinkle chopped walnuts on top. Put in the fridge overnight and enjoy the next morning. This works with blueberry, strawberry, or literally anything YOU like.
  4. Just good old oatmeal. I like it with honey and walnuts or chopped apple and walnut. If you are seeing a pattern here with the walnuts, you are right.
  5. Finally, but in actual fact there are many more, how about anything on toast. Also, anything on anything. I like english muffins, a bagel, any kind of bead, like cinamon swirl, wheat toast, Naan bread etc. and top with avocado, jam, tomato and cheese, peanut butter, etc.

Breakfast your way-egg haters now have no excuse. Oh, did I mention smoothies??

Skating Uphill

As you may know, I write a column for PINK Magazine called “Skating Uphill” and my tag line is “Skating uphill is hard work, but when you get to the top, the view is worth the effort” That is my thought for the day today. Believe it!

BKFST! How EGGciting!

I have promised to write a big breakfast section like we did with dinners and I am starting with probably the most common breakfast food around-the egg. Eggs for breakfast in all of its many forms has become an American staple. If you are a Jimmy Dean fan you can put your little cup in the microwave and have something to eat. I think that is the lowest form of breakfast, the highest being Eggs Benedict on the patio next to your pool and fountain. Anyway, here is the word on eggs from the Uphill Skater!

  1. Scrambled eggs-Add cheese of any kind, any vegetable, any meat, actually there is almost nothing you can’t add to scrambled eggs.
  2. Fried eggs-You can fry your egg in butter or marg. or (God forbid) even bacon grease. Fry bacon, sausage, or ham next to your egg in the pan and after it is done to your taste, add a piece of bread to fry in what is left in the pan. BTW-you did not hear that from me.
  3. Boiled eggs-Quick, easy, no pan to scrub, my favorite. I always boil one more egg than I need and put the extra in my lunch or in the fridge for a chopped egg sandwich later.
  4. Omelets are also quick, easy and versatile. I always crack my eggs into a cup and whisk before I add to the warm pan and I always put just a bit of butter into pan just for flavor. I love a cedar cheese and veggie omelet, but again you can really customize to taste.

PS-When I said you could put ANYTHING in an omelet or scrambled eggs, I really meant it. I do suggest the apple and banana as a “side of fruit” but of course, we don’t judge!

5. My last egg suggestion (I am sure you have many more) is eggs in a casserole. I love those overnight casseroles with bread, eggs, and crumbled sausage that you take out and bake in the morning. Oh, when I say sausage, I really mean Morning Star Farms sausage crumbles by the way.

Eggs have lots of protein, only 60 calories, and as you can see, they are more versatile than a kindergartener in a playground! ENJOY!!

Thoughts On a Lonely Day

We are snowed in today and have had all of our activities cancelled. It is pretty easy to just watch TV in pajamas. Don’t Do It!!! Get up, take a shower, and get dressed.


Make a list. yes, I am a compulsive list maker. Sometimes, not often, I loose my list, ok, I will give you that, but usually not. Making lists helps to put thoughts in order, but of even more importance, it helps you prioritize. What is the most important thing to do? What next? How good will you feel when things are done? Just sit down right now and give this a try. List let’s say 5 things that you feel you would like to start/finish/ have a look at and so on. Let me know how it goes.