Husband In The Kitchen???

My husband is British and he makes a dynamite English Trifle, but this easy version is really good too!

Berry Trifle

1 store bought angle food cake or store bought pound cake, cubed or torn into small pieces

1 pk. instant vanilla pudding

1 cup cold mild

1 pt. vanilla or French Vanilla ice cream just slightly melted

1 regular pack of strawberry jello

1 cup boiling water for the jello

1 9 oz pk. of frozen strawberries thawed

In a sq. or rectangular glass baking dish, scatter the cubed cake and in a separate bowl, mix the dry pudding mix, milk, and ice cream. Beat this until smooth and then pour it over the cake. Dissolve your jello in the boiling water and add strawberries. Cool a bit then spoon it over the pudding layer. Cover with foil or plastic wrap and put it in the fridge overnight. This is such a great dessert-Oh, BTW, you can do the same thing with peaches and that is maybe even better. Just sub peach anyplace it says strawberry.

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