Good Stuff To Eat!

Putting stuff on toast has become popular all of a sudden and boy, do I ever support that. Oh, of course there is a catch. Isn’t there always? Watch your toast-I am using Dave’s Killer Bread and putting avocado and goat cheese on it. Also try any spreadable cheese with any veg you like. For example, lo fat cream cheese with thin sliced cucumbers, or Laughing Cow Lite with chopped broccoli. also, you might like fruit better than veg. I know I do. I spread pineapple cream cheese, lite of course, with blue berries or grapes or strawberries or ….you get the idea??

Anyway, the message is-good idea but watch the toppings and watch the bread. Go for fresh in the toppings and high fiber, low fat on the bread you select.

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