Skating Uphill

By Judith Lawrenson

January Issue 2020

Is there such a word as “unmotivated?” I’m just wondering!

Last year, 2019, was very up and down for me. I do not mean just weight either. A week or so ago I was so unmotivated to look to the future that I took my 2019 resolution lists, yes, lists, and made the 1 into a 2 by putting a little curl on the top and made the 9 into a 0 by filling in the empty space up the side. Can you picture it? It now looks like I have made new resolutions on the 2020 totally unmodified lists. BTW I still have them shamelessly up on my fridge.

Well, times change, and something happened that actually got me motivated-Christmas! I love it and as soon as I went down to the basement to unpack my boxes, the world changed. I put up all of my stuff and loved it then went to California to see my daughter for a week, then came home and slowly over the period of a week, I put things away and had quite a good time doing it. I looked at everything, re-loved it, and saw it into its box. Strangely enough, that got me on the move. I checked out my old resolutions and still liked them so that was good. I figured I could just try it all again. I had stuff on the lists that were good resolutions: write letters, eat less white sugar, call my friends, etc. those are good things, right? So, I just kept them, and I am ultra-motivated to do them. You know what they say about the second time around, right?

Okay, that is one motivation done and I am really happy with that. Happiness means you have picked something good to be motivated about, you know. In fact, I believe that thinking about doing something that will make you happy is the best of all motivators. In truth, why would you not? So, let’s try to recall a happy time, or think about a new thing that we have seen or read about that perhaps is going to move the “happy bar.” I love to cook and take several cooking magazines and I am going to try to try something our of each one at least once a week. I do not think that sounds hard since I am always trying to think of something new to have. I always check for exotic ingredients first lest I get stuck in the middle or the recipe contains something expensive that the recipe needs ½ teaspoon of and I will never use it again. That criteria dealt with, sets give some new food a try. Motivation? Sure, eating pleasure and perhaps even compliments. I love compliments and consider them to be right up there with my top motivators.

This next one is one of those “If you can afford it” ideas. How about a little trip? It is pretty cold and ugly here in January so I was thinking a small cruise? You can actually go on week-end cruises for a smaller price than you would think. If you do not like to cruise, how about just a getaway? Sometimes one night in a hotel with a pool and spa can do wonders for your outlook. Other outlook improvers that can push that motivation button are very simple. Shop a little. I do not mean for clothing, I mean for a feel good thing. Giving of yourself can bring not just a good feeling, but actual JOY! Help someone, pet a dog, or better yet adopt one, do anything that makes you feel that you have given yourself a forward push and that it felt so good you want to do it again.

My greatest motivator is a very selfish one. I am in to my very own personal health and wellbeing.  I feel sometimes that I am getting pretty old and those numbers are looking me stone cold in the eye. On the other hand, I don’t feel that I am done yet if you get what I mean. I can only go on to do more of the things that I want to do if I am fit and well enough to do them. I make myself go to the Dr. and get that flu shot and mammogram and talk about preventative medicine. I exercise and watch my weight. Perhaps that is my biggest battle, but not being able to breathe in my jeans for a whole day or having to lie on my back to zip up a pair of pants can motivate the hell out of both you and me!

Motivation is a funny, and very personal emotion. Sometimes it lasts and sometimes not, but if it is something that becomes a part of your life and value system, your original effort will be well worth it-I promise!

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