Winter is nearly upon us. For me winter and the cold weather and bare trees can be a severe downer. I think this winter in particular can get to us if we let that happen. So, the usual suggestions do not apply obviously. We are not going to gather with friends or go to the movies. We are not going to go out for lunch and a big fun, shop. We can’t even go for a walk on many chilly or rainy days.

What will we do to keep our chins up and move forward? Well, I am not going to sit in front of the TV. I am better than that. OK, maybe not much better, but some. I love to read. Get some books on line or for your kindle. I know this can add up to $$$ so maybe trade books with a friend or neighbor or go to the library if yours is open. Our library will now let you check out books on line and pick up at a window. Pretty cool.

I have done at least three house deep cleans just for something to do, but I am now to the rearranging decor yet again. Believe it or not, I kind of enjoy that. Also, Christmas is coming so maybe go up to the attic or down to the basement and check out your stuff. I did this with my grandson and he loved it. We spent a whole afternoon thinking about where things might go. He wanted to do it again this weekend so yes!! of course.

I always carry a bag in my car in case I meet a homeless woman. Don’t sound surprised. It happens to me about twice a month because my husband and I volunteer at a thrift shop in a marginal neighborhood. Why don’t you make up a couple of bags to have in your car or make up some bags to take to your local homeless shelter. I can promise you they are open for business.

Perhaps my biggest hope for these times to come is that I am able to keep optimistic. Attitude is of huge importance. No matter what your politics or your current situation, there is something to be grateful for. Try to find it and expand on what you are feeling in the gratitude section of your daily life.