Slow Down-Spend time like you spend your money, Carefully!

In a hurry? Not good! I’m just saying, and yes, I know it is easy to say, that sometimes just a little pre-planning time spent can make a world of difference in your day.

I try to spend by habit, 10 minutes in the morning exercising and 10 minutes doing a plan for the day. It was easier, believe it or not, on days when I had tons of things to do. On a day that you are free or there is little that must be done, it is very simple to let time slip away and let tasks slip and be left undone. This brings huge pressure later.

So free advice-Try to space it out. Try to gain some balance between rush/sleep/dead tired and just taking it a day at a time and trying to meet goals and deadlines as you can. A healthy, realistic way to regulate yourself it to take a long term look and then a short term look. Also, take a good close look at what other people add or detract from your goals. You might be surprised when you, in a totally neutral way, evaluate your co-workers, friends, family and party group. Toxic people are just exactly that! You don’t need it.

All of this takes just what you are trying to save-TIME! It is well worth it though. Again, think long term and you will see that a little elf-evaluation is truly “Time Well Spent.”

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