Time and $$$ Saving Tips For Laundry!

My laundry multiplies in the closet over night! It seems I am never actually laundry free. There is always something dirty. I wash the colors and the whites are still there. I get all set only to find I am out of detergent or bleach or both. All this being said and also true, I set out to find some helpful stuff that might make all of this less of a chore. This is some of what I found. Please feel free to add to the list in the comment section!

  1. Try to organize your laundry room, or lack of a laundry room in a way that makes sense to you. I have a small laundry room so I keep dirty clothes baskets in my closet. I keep one for whites and nearly whites and wishing they were whites in one basket and coloreds in the other. I also regularly wash towers and sheets and I do them together. I do not have a basket for these as I just dump them in all at once when I have time. Everyone’s organization will be different. Try several different methods to see what seems to work out for YOU!
  2. Separate special treatment items. Stains, woolens, a blouse that needs to be washed by itself-you know what I mean, right? I do not have a separate basket for these things but I put them on top of the washer so I will remember not to put them in with regular things.
  3. Watch what you buy. If you need something special for stains, unless you are a mechanic or horse trainer you may not need this often. Buy a small size. Be sure that your regular detergent works for you and if you have a special brand, watch for it to be on sale. I use TIDE liquid and prices vary a lot. I use dryer sheets and brand does not matter to me. I use what is on sale. If you add a liquid softener you may have a brand you like. Again, watch for it to be on sale. Don’t hesitate to buy extra of these two items. they keep for ages.

Add your tips in the comment section. I know there are many others out there.

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