Skating Uphill-May Edition “Be Good To Yourself!”


May is now officially declared “Be Good To Yourself Month!”

Yes, I love to change the designation of months. I think some of them are silly anyway. I mean who really knows or cares if it is Dairy Month if they don’t live in Wisconsin? Also, I get that April Showers Bring May Flowers and all of that, but I honestly think we can do better.  So now, we are going to have a special month absolutely dedicated to ourselves. That may or may not sound a bit selfish to you. I am thinking not. Think about how little you actually do just for you-not because you need to or not because you have to or not because someone else wants you too or any other reasons why we give to others first. Just for this month, try some fun experiment’s for you and you alone-OK?

The first one will be the hardest-it was for me anyway. I have regained five pounds from my goal weight success story of last month. I know a couple of others in the same boat and I don’ necessarily mean YOU. So, let’s just simply forgive ourselves and move on. Gasp! Idi I just say that? What I really meant was NOT to give up and go back to being a slacker, even though that has a lot of appeal for me. What I meant was to kind of let it go. I stopped and looked at why this weight situation was happening to me and it was because I had gone off of several of the things that were working for me.

I usually have the same healthy breakfast and I somehow lost that habit between Easter Brunch and chocolate eggs. I lost my way in a forest of PEEPS. So now back to 80 calorie yogurt with two teaspoons of mixed nuts and a cup of mixed fresh fruit. I really like that and it is quite filling. I am back to basics with no sacrifice and no regrets. Do little fixes and check out results. Nothing dramatic, all right?

Buy a good book. I love murder mysteries wet in cool places. I just finished a series of books set in the time of Richard the Third and have now started reading a series of murders set in the 1920’s about a down and out aristocrat who goes to London to try to find a job with only a finishing school diploma for a reference and she gets caught up in murders in the best of families at lovely manor houses and, of course, she solves the mystery and keeps the family names from the dreaded scandal that was so much the kiss of death in those days. Good fun and I really love things set in totally different times. It adds to the fun of a good read. Try it.

I love a massage or a spa day, but that can get expensive. Instead, I treat myself to a new personal item-make-up, face moisturizer, perfume, a really good smelling shampoo, a bottle of nail polish in a flashy shade, lunch out, or my personal favorite: flowers. I have very low standards when it comes to flowers because it is hard to find flowers that I do not love. Grocery store flowers are just fine with me. I have some pretty vases and I love to play with arrangements. Plants are fun too and designers will tell you for lots of $$$ that plants soften an environment beautifully.

Finally, for absolutely no money at all, take the afternoon off and watch a movie. Take a warm bath, wash your hair, rub lotion on your feet and put on socks, smear cream all over your lovely self, and just fade out for a couple of hours. Book it. Make an appointment with YOU. I did this a couple of days ago and binge watched an old TV series on Netflix and actually nodded off. I have not had an afternoon nap in I can’t remember how long. I woke up feeling smooth and lovely next to my flowers and yogurt mixed with a bit of honey and gave myself a no guilt pedicure. How sinful-NOT!

Remember, May is now Be Kind To Yourself Month and I honestly think you know what I mean. I bet you could pick three things you would love to do for yourself right this minute, couldn’t you?  Love, Judith


PS-As you know, I read a lot and some of the new things food wise on the pipeline have to do with oil. We knot that olive oil and other natural oils can be ultra-healthy, but have you tried a tuna salad with your own recipe but with olive oil instead of mayo? Also, pasta salad with olive oil instead of mayo is way healthy. Finally, I have recently come across several recipes using avocado oil. I am a huge avocado fan being originally from California so I was happy to find spray avocado oil at my grocery store. For more food tips check out  See you next month

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