Beautiful things make a beautiful you!

Go Bold-Do not be afraid to mix it up.

The flower is actually a napkin ring, the grapes are rubber, and the Rosemary plant is real. The lemons are plastic, and the pine cone came from my back yard.

The woven basket was purchased at a thrift shop for 50 cents!

This arrangement looks lovely as a centerpiece on my kitchen table.





These matching arrangements are made up of carnations and artificial ivy. The vases are flea mrket finds at $1.00 each.

Thrift stores are wonderful sources for vases, especially clear glass vases. I like to mix and match real and artificial flowers and plants. It seems to make the fresh flowers go further and last longer. That is a Martha Stewart tip, BTY.

Don’t be afraid of grocery store flowers, but remember to be careful about freshness. Ask when flowers are delivered, and be sure the bouquet you select has had its stems fully immersed  in the water.






Pewter goes with anything. This is an antique pitcher and a matching (sort of) mug. I often put a high flower arrangement in the pitcher and a colorful/matching napkin in the mug.






 The base of this arrangement is a lid from a casserole dish. Artificial ivy covers many things. For February I switch out the candle for a bright red one.










An old milk jug holds both live and artificial flowers and a wooden mitten covered with a felt cutout and some glued on buttons. I love to collect and reuse old buttons. They seem to add just the right touch to arrangements. Threaded and layered, they make napkin rings that are totally unusual! Put some red in this arrangement and it is good to go for January and add some red felt cut out hearts and you are on top for February as well!!

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