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For the January Issue (2019)


Skating Uphill


Judith Lawrenson

“Everything these days seems to be about “RE.” Honestly it is enough to make one Regurgitate!”      The Uphill Skater


All right, all right, I know I watch too much HGTV, but doesn’t everyone these days??  It is all about remodel, repurpose, and redo. I must admit, I love that kind of stuff. Who does not love a recolor-yes, I am talking about dying roots, ladies, and I don’t mean the front lawn. What about a reupholster-sure, that old ratty sofa could really use it, right? At the same time, we could re-wallpaper and re-carpet too. How about that re-claimed wood craze? I mean you can hardly tear something down these days without Chip and Joanna Gains hitting you up to buy the wood then re-selling it for double the price. Okay, so what does all of this have to do with the upcoming new year and what to do about that self-improvement we are all so desperately seeking? Well, just an idea-why don’t we consider the idea of a re-resolve?

What that means is, dear ladies, why don’t we, instead of making a bunch of nonsense resolutions like dropping a bunch of weight or writing thank-you notes or some other thing that we have already tried and failed at, try a different approach? Why don’t we try to re-resolve? Yes, here is how this idea plays out. Have a good look back at some of your old New Year’s Resolutions that you have actually kept. I know there are at least a few, right? Back in the day when you were really in the mood for it you and I must have come up with some truly memorable resolves that we not only kept, but that worked well for us on a go forward basis.

For example, one year I resolved to get two laundry baskets, one for dark clothes and one for white clothes. I was tired of pink undies and bras and blue jeans with bleach spots. This worked so well for me that I bought baskets for my husband and both of my children. I grant you that I had somewhat mixed results with husband and son, but my daughter and I have great looking whites and very clean outerwear. Our underwear looks great too, but you will just have to take my word for that. I plan to re-resolve that one again this year.

Another really successful resolution for me was to pick up the phone and call someone every day. I don’t mean calling for a hair appointment, but honestly giving someone a call that you have meant to chat with or owe a call or need to talk in depth about something deep-not someone else, you guys. I said something, not someone! I have actually done this, and I mean to use it again this year. The fact that I am already doing it has no bearing on resolving it again. Are you starting to get the idea? What do you think?

I am also resolving again this year to try to eat more healthy foods. I can highly recommend this resolution because it has a lot going for it. First, if you do it, it is good for you. It is a positive change that has a benefit. Second, you did not say you ere going to eat only healthy foods or loose a bunch of weight or anything like that. You said you were going to “try” to et more healthy foods. That is just vague enough to be a winner in my book. You don’t say how much more or how healthy or any of those other specific things so what can it hurt, right? I mean who does not want to eat more healthy foods. Trust me folks, this is a keeper.

In closing, I want to say that this idea also has another side benefit that will prove the motto of this column is actually a good motto for life. We say that “Skating Uphill is hard, but when you reach the top, the view is worth it,” and we really do mean that. We talk a lot here about leading and living that healthy life style, and believe me, I get, just like everyone else, that it is not easy on the best of days and impossible on the worst of days. Sometimes that glass of wine and quiet time with the door shut is all that keeps one going. Sometimes too, it is a time that makes you heart sore with your own pain or the pain of a loved one. These times happen unfortunately, and they must be lived with.

Please do remember though and make it part of a resolution if you can-celebrate joy. Okay, corny, I know, but if we are called upon to endure pain, then we also must be allowed and even encouraged to celebrate the good times, the happy times, and the times of personal satisfaction. Be happy, do good, enjoy your many gifts!!  Love, Judith

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