So many ingredients/So little time

Yes, Life is like a smoothie!

I make smoothies regularly and I just love the fact that they can count as your fruits for the day, your veggies for the day, and with a few simple additions a smoothie can fill in the blanks for things you may be missing in your diet even though it is healthy.

I start with berries for a fruit smoothie and then add any kind of fruit yogurt, some 5 Calories Cranberry juice, ice cubes, and a flavorless protein powder. Don’t forget the banana. I am a vegetarian and the protein powder helps me.

For a veggie smoothie I like to use squashes raw, and for the liquid I use V8. Add a couple of ice cubes and drink up. I use pretty much any raw vegetable that I like and this is very good for fiber too.

If either one of these sound not so good to you, I challenge you to make up your own versions. Remember, life is like a smoothie-it is exactly what you make it and you get out only what you put it.

PS Be sure you have a good blender, there are many types out there and most are good, but you want to be sure the one you buy is heavy duty enough for all on your ingredients.

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