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Stop Dragon Your Feet!

Stop “Dragon” your feet and read a book. This is just one of the ways to beat the “I am so sad at home” blues.

Adventure: Clive Cussler is very hard to beat. He has written sooo many books and most of them are in series so if you don’t like one genre there are at least five others. Favorite? The Oregon Files series

Just for fun: I have read them all from book one to the next to last. I have ordered the final and it has not come yet. Yes, of course I mean the Stephanie Plum series starting with One For the Money and going on to I believe it is book 24 or 25. All of them are a hoot and you will actually laugh out loud prticularly at Lula and Connie!

Westerns: Western books come and go but I have a friend who is a real fan of the genre and he swears that there is still nothing better than Zane Grey and Louie L’Amour. Oldies but goodies my friend says.

Gentle Fiction: Has to be the Mitford series. Any of the Amish books are good too. (Kingsford)

Read to the kids: Boy, I really love The Magic Tree House series. Mary Pope Osborne is excellent and her husband also writes companion books that tell true historical facts surrounding each of her fiction stories. These are “read aloud” stories in my opinion. Stuff happens that is fun to talk about with your child. (Magic School Bus not so much. Too much detail for the average child.)

Cook Books: Yes. some people (Me!) actually read cookbooks for fun and try new recipes on their long suffering significant others over and over again. Best source for cookbooks that are really interesting? Thrift shops, of course!!

So, quit “dragon” your feet and READ!

Get Out!!

It’s cold, foggy, and dreary today. This is the perfect time to NOT sit in front of the TV/fireplace/computer etc. Take the opportunity to get off your butt and go outside. Bundle up if you need to do that. I will be in my warm hat, zip up the front Lands End padded coat, and warm pants. We are going stick hiking on the Cushwa Trail next to the C&O Canal!

PS-My warm hat is an “Agnes” hat from Despicable Me and stick hiking means we take our hiking sticks a la Bilbo Baggins.

Close Your Eyes

Start 2021 with something lovely. Close your eyes and picture a beautiful scene. Think of anything that has made you sigh and think “Oh, how absolutely beautiful.” Breathe deeply and imagine yourself in your scene. Do this for 30 seconds. Feel better? Do this on a regular basis and, trust me, you will stay sane, lower your blood pressure, and enjoy your own company much more!

Plan Ahead

A friend of mine gave me a daily journal with space to write your own entry, space to write your thoughts, and a new first for me, space to write your plan for the day and your plan for tomorrow. I really liked this. So often we fail to really “plan” our day. What are the goals, how much time do we have to just sit if we still want to achieve, can we sit and read and still make it to the grocery store, do we have work goals, and on and on. As they say on Sesame Street: “What’s The Plan, Stan?” Try it-in the morning, just quickly jot down what you would like to do in your day and at the end of the day, make a note of how well you did then make a short plan for the next day. Don’t base it on your failure on the day before, but base it on your successes.

Tee Shirt Fun

Boy, do I stand corrected. A reader of the Tee Shirt Fun section let me know on no uncertain terms that “Moses downloaded Tablets From The Cloud” He also said that on the black Tee were pictures of the traditional big tablets.

I missed that one. thanks so much for sharing.