No Pun Intended (NOT)

It seems more and more often in these Covid Times one’s life can seem like a “blank slate.” Well, I am personally telling you not to let that happen. Give yourself a break. Try to get out there. Go for a walk. I just got back from our local school grounds which was empty because it is late afternoon, and played fetch with my dog for nearly an hour. I had 4,020 steps on my fitbit and almost 50 active minutes.

I also called an old dear friend that I have not spoken to in almost two weeks. That was a really special art of my day. We both had time to chat and loved it. I also wrote two cards to family members in California. I love to write cards to people and I usually buy them in Thrift Shops, otherwise cards can be more expensive that a gift!

Finally, I masked up and went to the grocery store and purchased the final ingredients for chicken noodle soup that I plan to make tomorrow and deliver to my son and his family. I have also booked a manicure. We can still do that here in beautiful West Virginia so I am going to DO it while I can.

Just stop for a minute to think about what you CAN do rather than dwelling on the things that you can’t do. BTW with masks our church is still open and that is not a bad thing to do either.

PS-Read any good books lately?

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