Eat This/Not That

I have said many times before that wrapping whatever in a tortilla is great for any meal or snack, but you can also use this trick for lovely and even elegant appetizers.

Lay down any type of tortilla and spread it with lite cream cheese or Laughing Cow. If I am using fruit I like to spread with flavored cream cheese like strawberry or pineapple. Finely chop your filling.

For fruit I use strawberries, blueberries drained canned pineapple, chopped apple and cinnamon, or really just about anything. Do NOT pulse this in your blender. It makes the filling much to finely chopped and damp. I use my little hand chopper.

If you prefer vegetable, use broc, cauliflower, BLT, tomatoes or again just about anything. Spread your cream cheese or Laughing Cow and add filling on the tortilla and wrap tightly. With a sharp knife, slice the roll very thinly. The spirals are quite festive, and if you dress the platter with curly Italian parsley or cilantro, it makes a lovely appetizer tray.

You can take this anywhere!

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