Mama Bear?

Skating Uphill

Judith Lawrenson

 “I love the concept of a Mamma Bear fighting for her young, but………”                                                                     The Uphill Skater  

Yes, that idea about the Mamma Bear protecting, nurturing, feeding, grooming and so on, is very appealing, But, just because, here is another way to look at it. How in the world is a Mama Bear going to get all of that done if she isn’t looking after her own self??? Okay, I know you are thinking right now that this concept may seem a bit selfish, but let me assure that it is certainly not. Yes, I am aware of the fact that throughout history heroines, heroes and martyrs have been people who were able to accomplish unbelievable things even though they were not physically “well” in present day definitions, but  that was then and this is now, and I am certainly not making light of those people in any way. I am talking about us. Just us. You and me and all of the regular people out there. There are many things to do and people to help. I believe that we all do our very best to make the world a better place for all of us,  but all I am saying is that the better we feel the more we can do, and the more we keep ourselves fit and healthy, both mentally and physically, the more able we are to bring our whole selves to any cause that calls us. 

I should be saying right now that we must all eat healthy foods, get a weekly massage and facial, and get a check up regularly if we feel the need to be of service to others, and of course, that is not true or valid. If we are to do for others, though, we must in all honesty, do for ourselves too. Notice I did not say “first” because often that is not possible, but it must be a part of our profile to be of sound mind and body or we are going to be poor helpmates for others. The sub-title for this column is “Living A Healthy Lifestyle” and I will advocate for that as often as I must to try to do my “Mama Bear” job for the many women who give of themselves to the point of loosing themselves.  Advocating for those we feel called to help can be a very strong pull.

When you think of women like Mother Theresa, that tiny little person who was so faith filled that her very calling sustained her through things we can only imagine, it makes one feels as I said earlier, just a bit selfish if we are not giving all for our cause, be it family, a loved one, or a strong community commitment. Please do remember though, we are only human and we cannot do more than our best without risking losing the ability to do anything at all. How many times have you heard of a caregiver falling ill or even passing away before the person for whom they are caring. Working and worrying yourself down to a condition of ill health is always a strong possibility  Be a Mama Bear. Be a Tiger Mom. Say “I am Woman, I am Super Woman.” All I am saying is that if you say it, then be it. Keep yourself strong and healthy. take a nap if you need to. Eat right, but have an ice cream if you feel like it. Buy yourself a new pair of jeans that are cute and not on sale, and love yourself so that you can love others. Think about it!   Love Judith

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