Yes, I Actually Did It!!

I did it! I took my own advice. I usually do take my own advice. I would not generally give advice unless I was prepared to take it myself, mind you. This time though I did it big time. I am always saying that YOU should get up, get dressed and have a good useful day even though times are not particularly conducive to doing this right now. Well, I did it today. I got up, got dressed and just cleaned the hell out of my house.

I vacuumed, Windexed, Pledged, used Comet in my bathrooms, did my hardwood floors with a steamer, did the laundry, changed the sheets, and on and on. I started at about 8:30 in the morning and finished around 5 ish in the afternoon. . It felt soooo good. Deep cleaning is not particularly fun, but these days I feel it is more and more necessary. It is one of those things that can make a difference. Wear your mask, wash your hands, clean your surroundings!

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