Pay It Forward

As you know, I am into small actions having big results. For that reason, I am into the “Pay It Forward” movement. I will keep this up all winter, so be prepared. Yesterday I paid for the groceries of the woman in line behind me. We were in the limited purchase line, so she had about $12 dollars worth of mostly fresh veggies.

When she realized what I had done, she burst into tears right there in the grocery store. She told me that she was spending her last grocery money on veggies because all the county food bank was passing out was canned green beans and cereal/no milk. It turns out she lives on $1400 per month and has to pay rent out of that.

I am so glad I followed my guidance and just “did it!” One never knows when a thing like that is done. Be prepared for it to go really well and make you feel good all day, or to be a big disaster and you feel crappy. It does not matter. Remember, we do nice things for people not because THEY are nice, but because WE are nice.

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