“Yesterday” is one of my favorite Beatles songs. That was the day that all of the troubles seemed so far away-remember? Well, troubles are never far away in these days, and we all know that. What is important about that fact is the way we deal with what is happening in our lives. I know that there are some things that happen to us that we cannot control. I get that. The trick is to either simply deal with that as a fact, or to re-evaluate our entire setting and look for an option or pathway that perhaps we have missed.

Please, if you are hurting, stop and take a few deep breaths and see if there is not a new approach or a person that is available to reach out to, or perhaps a call to a number that is some kind of a “help” hotline. These hotlines are manned by capable people and they exist to be a life line. The most important thing is to never give up. Yes, I said NEVER GIVE UP!

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