I love quesadillas because there is really no recipe. All you need is two of any type of tortilla. I use the 8 inch flour but others prefer the big spinach or herb variety. It really doesn’t matter at all.

I start with a frying pan and a little canola oil-just enough to make the pan shine. I put in a dab and swirl the pan with a paper towel, but then I try to use very little oil. Put one tortilla in the warm pan and sprinkle whatever filling you like. I like cheese and olives. My family likes ham and swiss. My grandson likes TUNA!!! Anyway, put the other tortilla on top and press with a spatula until it seems warm. Flip and continue to heat until heated through. Serve with chips and salsa. This is the world’s easiest dinner and each person can have just what they want!

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