Book Discoveries!!


I have not started Spring Cleaning quite yet as there is still snow on the ground here, but I have started to go through my huge hoard of old books. I save old cookbooks like some people save coins in a coin jar and periodically I go through and either inventory or purge.

Often I find some oldies but goodies that I like to review and share. today I found:

  1. The Hungry Girl Diet-One of many written by Lisa Lillien and the best of all of her titles.
  2. The 28 Day Hearty Dash Diet-Good recipes with lots of pictures and detail.
  3. The McDougal Program-Very radical but it actually works if you can take the discipline.
  4. The Trim The Fat Diet with Alpine Lace dairy products-Not recommended-it uses reduced fat everything and calls itself a healthy diet. Yes, fewer calories and fat, but not so tasty and a bit out of date nutrition wise.
  5. Fit and Trim at 40!-This is a paper back put out by Prevention Magazine and I think only available on line but really good. Very simple and easy to follow. I almost always like things from PREVENTION magazine.

Dig through some of your old books and see what you can find.

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