Thought For The Day

When life brings you snow, think snow cones. Yes, I love these corny sayings. I like the one about lemons and lemon ade, and my personal favorite, when life brings you rain, think about going into the umbrella business. All of these sayings and ones like them are, of course, meant to cheer us up and improve that outlook on life that gets so down in this awful weather.

Making yourself feel better by setting some good personal goals on a short term basis then achieving them as quickly as possible works for me. I don’t look at dropping 20 pounds in six months when the weather is freezing and I can’t go outside. I try to look at making a pretty arrangement out of some grocery store flowers. Don’t say you are going to read “War and Peace” say you are going to read REAL SIMPLE magazine and get and use two good ideas. Don’t say you are gong to do yoga every day for a month, say you are going to do yoga right now and do it. You get the idea????

So, cold dreary nothing day-give yourself a break, eat some chocolate, take a hot bath with some smell good bubble bath, and watch a movie!  Why not??

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