Now That’s a Really Good Question!

The other day a reader asked me why articles and nutritionists, and even Doctors keep recommending different things and often even totally revising or completely change recommendations. Well, the answer is that there is always new science in the nutrition and health areas just as anywhere else in fields where there is ongoing research.

The other thing I must say about this is that YOU may also be changing due to such factors as age, health, weight gain or loss, emotional condition etc. My advice is to keep reading and asking, of course, but also take care of/protect yourself. Don’t keep taking a medication just because it was prescribed five years ago. Let your Dr. know about any changes you may have so that he/she can better do their job. The same with side effects too. Watch it!

Do the same with foods. Watch fad diets or nutrition advice that does not seem right to you. Try something new, yes, but if anything disagrees with you stop at once. Allergies, believe it or not, may come and go. Be aware that you may eat something that has not bothered you before but may hit you big time out of the blue. Also you may have been allergic to something in the past that no longer bothers you.

Be very aware of your own mental and physical health. No one knows YOU like YOU and no one can read your mind. Watch it, and speak up!

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