Why Not Indeed?

I asked myself one fine day, just exactly why was it that guys couldn’t go into the kitchen and simply Make Something? Bingo-The answer is that they don’t need to. Okay, at least that is the case with my dear and wonderful husband. He told me that it was too hard for him because he was not used to doing it and he would mow the lawn instead if I did the cooking. Wrong answer. Mowing the lawn used to be giving a check to the yard guy, and now that he is retired it means sitting on his rider mower and going around the property.

Meanwhile, my definition has not changed. Food prep, I grant you, is easier now but it is still the same in many ways if you chose to cook farm to table or organic or in my case vegetarian and for some regular guests even pre-diabetic. Still a challenge, right? In the spirit of being a guide rather than a dictator, I have come up with a list of REALLY easy things that anyone can prepare. Don’t say you can’t do it simply because you have never done it either.

  1. Heat some soup-Some canned soups are sooo good. I especially like Progresso, or the soups that come in boxes like Bisque of Tomato or Butternut Squash. but experiment around.
  2. Any kind of a sandwich-Buy ahead for this. Cold cuts, sliced cheese, tomatoes and lettuce a can of tuna, etc, are all you need. If you must, keep it prepped in the fridge so there are no excuses.
  3. Boiled eggs, toast, and fruit-Yes, any time. This is both healthy and high protein.
  4. Three Bean Salad-Open 3 cans of beans (kidney, black, green, garbanzo, and so on) and add a bottled vinegar and oil type dressing.
  5. Any bagged salad-This is totally a no brainer
  6. Any good frozen entree-Also a no brainer. (I like Amy’s or Marie Callendar)

I could go on and on, but I am sure you get the idea. Not just guys, but kids in the kitchen too. Just make a start and see where you go from there. Bon Appetite!

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