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I am so grateful that God gave us October. Yes, I am really into Fall and the beautiful colors. I hope that wherever you are you have an opportunity to view, even on TV or on line, this unbelievable time of year.

Beauty is not just in what we see!

Beauty is not just in what we see, but let us not forget that beauty is also in what we hear. Loud strident sounds, shouts, bitter, angry voices, an urban cacaphony are jarring and discordant.

Try a little quiet in your day. Meditate to the sound of water or soft music.

Listen to gentle sounds or light classical music. Be still and hear the sounds of life.

Just A Thought

I love getting cards and letters in the mail. Do you? Well, this is the best way to assure that you will be receiving messages from friends and relatives-Send some out yourself. I have been doing this as part of a New Year’s Resolution I made several years ago and it has worked so beautifully. I get at least two cards, letters, yes, and even a post card or two each week.
Bring some joy to your day by putting some joy out there for someone else!!

Beautiful surroundings are good for your soul. Create lovely things in your home. Perhaps make it a bit of a hobby and give yourself a budget. I think you will find that you can do a lot with very little $$$$. In fact, you might make that a challenge. I wish you beauty!

The Conversation

I Love this picture. I have it in oils and I have owned it for nearly 50 years. It is very old. It is called “The Conversation.”

It makes me feel at peace just to look at it. Can you visualize a quiet gently afternoon in a lovely setting?

Focus On Beauty

Deep Creek Lake

We saw a beautiful little fawn come out of the forest this morning. It was so very quiet and peaceful. Sometimes on our busy days, quiet and beauty should be made a priority, don’t you think?

Naturally Beautiful

There is so much beauty in nature! Some days I stand on my porch and just look out the window. I say a fawn yesterday and three pheasants the day before. So many little birds come to my bird feeder. What a joy!

So Much beauty

This is the view from a cabin at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland. Just after I took this picture a fawn stepped out of the woods, and earlier I had seen three pheasants! Nature is full of such peace and beauty!