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Random thoughts I felt were worthy of passing along

Yes, I really love to read. I especially love to read books in series. I read cozy mysteries, adventure stories, and stories set in “periods.” I am currently reading a series set in 1926 France and England. Joe Sandilands, the main character, is a WWI veteran as are so many in that time. He is a highly placed official in Scotland Yard who wants nothing more that to be free of solving murders and living with intrigue. There are 13 books and I am on 9. Yes, I have already ordered the rest of the set. Why not look on Amazon and see what is out there? Get hooked on books!

Color Is The NEW Thing!

I recently read in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine (Now called simply BHG) that color is the big new thing. Well, I am sorry, you guys, but I have been into that for as long as Alvin and the Chipmunks have had on their green, red and blue shirts. That’s quite a while too!

Anyway, the June edition of BHG has a big article on new uses for and new hues of COLOR! It’s really interesting and features a favorite of mine-Leanne Ford.

New/Unexpected Life

The other day I was sent some of those flowers that are delivered to your porch in a box . When I took them out they were all sort of limp and faded. Oh, well, I thought. They have probably come a long ways over a long time and really, it’s the thought that counts, right? In fact it was the thought that counted. I cut off the bottom tips of the rose stems, put that powder stuff in the water, and in just a little while, look what happened!!

Random Wisdom

I wonder what it takes to get this happy? Optimism? Love? I don’t know, perhaps it is as simple as some loud music with a heavy beat and the will to dance like no one is watching.

I am going to go with that last thought just because it works for me! How about YOU?

Just When You Thought……

I imagined that kids did not color anymore. I guess I thought they were on their phones all of the time-I mean even what I consider to be young children seemed to be on their phone or playing Minecraft day in and day out. Well, I was wrong. At least I was wrong for some children. I put several coloring books in the Little Free Library that I maintain in front of my house and the next day they were all gone.

That afternoon the doorbell rang and there were two sisters from up the block asking if I had any more coloring books. I will now stock coloring books on a regular basis. My faith in the fact that children like to have just plain fun has been completely restored!!

Things That Make You Happy?

I love to set a pretty table. I mix, match, and deliberately do NOT match.

I keep my “eat in kitchen” table set every day. We eat in the sun room, the family room, the dining room, the kitchen counter etc. but my all time favorite is always my set table. Give this a try. It is an instant cheer up on the day!


I love to shop seasonal farmers markets in the spring and summer, but these days it seems that, in all honesty, one can find “fresh” produce almost year round. I grant you that some is better than others, but if you check around, find out from your store manager, and keep your eyes and mind open, you can do really well with healthy foods. I have not yet tried the box to my door idea, but my neighbor tells me that Hungry Root is really great? Opinions?

Corny/Not Corny!

Give Me A Break-Corny Can Be Good

I have been out of commission for a while and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your patience and your wonderful comments. Like most Bloggers, I thrive on feedback and comment. I know this sounds corny, but please do keep it up. The more the better!! Thanks again so much. I have been Skating Uphill for a bit, but as the Uphill Skater likes to say,

“Skating Uphill is really hard, but when you get to the top, the view is worth it!”

Keep that in mind. I always do.

Thoughts-Random, Yet Meaningful, I Think

Perhaps “Reflections”

Vision is the gift of seeing what others do not

You will find no shortcuts to the really good places you would like to be

To look backward you must first stand still and then turn around. Don’t Do It

Sometimes leading and being an active follower are very similiar

I love words like respect, pride, honesty, and compassion

Do you have any Random thoughts? Please do share!