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Random thoughts I felt were worthy of passing along

A while ago we decided to do something totally different than we have ever done. Yes, we looked up on line to see what was happening and look what we found! A kimono fashion show.! We watched the show, saw some beautiful origami and went to a fabulous flower show. What a lovely day and yes, it was totally different. Different once in a while is sooo healthy!

There are sooo many things to do with an empty pie shell. Think of it as a totally blank canvas and go from there. I think first of quiche. I make literally 10 different types of quiche with veggies, different types of cheeses, and leftovers.

Think also of fruit pies. The skies the limit on fruit pies with all different types of fruit, different toppings and so on. Think also of summer pies, I love the one you make with jello, cool whip and jello pudding. Yummy.

I am sure you could think of many more things to do with an empty pie crust. Also, one can do so much with imagination. Foods are such a pallet. Think about tastes you love and combine with other tastes you love. Also, think about all of the new fruits and veggies that are out there now.

Finally, I do not mean to be a nag, but also check out labels as you shop. We now know sooo much more about nutrition and health. Take advantage of all of this new knowledge.

Oh, Rats!

It actually snowed yesterday. Just when we here were all hoping for the dogwood blossoms, it actually snowed among the “white” trees. Yes, we had white dogwood trees in the start of their beautiful yearly bloom, then white flakes of snow making flurries into the petals. The robins on my front lawn were very confused as was I. The theme here is “hope.”

Winter in the weather and winter in my heart simply cannot last forever. Boy, warm weather and fresh fruit and outdoor hikes keep coming up in my dreams. How about YOU?

We Are Back!

I have been on a vacation, but have been thinking of all of those of you who have been faithfully following this blog. We have been learning new things together, I hope, and gaining and growing in many ways. Participation has been wonderful and I hope it will continue to be so. Please write a comment, share a recipe or thought, and just be a part of “Skating Uphill.” My sort of life motto has always been that skating uphill is really hard work, but when you get to the top, the view is well worth it! I hope you agree.

Anyway, we are back and ready to go again. Join the group for recipes, stories to share, comments, life style tips, and on and on. Thanks to all and of course, I have been “Thinking of You!”


On a cold winter day, a book can be your best friend. I host a children’s story site that has a theme song. It starts “If you want adventure, if you want to travel far, your imagination can be your shooting star. All you gotta do is read a book. Open up the cover and take a look!”

It’s so true. Books, whether on tape, Kindle, or in your hand, are the guide, the key, and the escape. You can be anybody for a while. Go anywhere for a while, or learn from the greatest oracles in their fields.

How in the world did we humans ever get so lucky to discover plot, dialogue, story line, genre and on and on. Okay, you caught me-I absolutely LOVE to read!

Food For Thought

Shared thoughts for a cold windy day:

Vision is the gift of seeing what others are unable to see.

You will find there are no shortcuts to the really good places you want to be.

To look backward, you must stop and turn around. Don’t Do It!

Sometimes leading and being an active follower are very similar.

I love words like respect, pride, honesty, and compassion


It is quite a trick these days actually cooking. So often I hear on HGTV people wanting that modern, totally upgraded kitchen and yet they will laugh and say that they seldom cook or only cook on holidays.

Well, I am not in that category. I cook something nearly every day and I really love it. My dad taught me how to cook and it always reminds me of good times and funny mishaps and “interesting” finished products. (My dad drank!)

Some days though I wish I had a back up. Someone?Anyone! My husband cooks some things really well and others just so/so. I often which for a chef once a week or one of those Hello Fresh box dinners. It is not really the cooking that gets a little old, it is thinking of what to have. I think I am going to do some research and see what I can find in the way of new recipes. Yes, I will share!

The Blank Slate

I know that we have talked about the “blank slate” and new start concept before, but what better time than now to actually try it out. A New Year is a new opportunity. Rethink, reset, redo, refresh and try to look at things in a positive light. Look at yourself and perhaps visualize a better you by doing things that are actually in your power. Stop setting unrealistic goals and take an honest look at what YOU can and cannot do, then get to it!

I just saw in a magazine, (HGTV Magazine) several ways to refresh/redo a room for under $50. It recommended things like painting or wallpapering one wall in the room, adding some floating shelves, starting with a BIG clean, buying some colorful pillows, thrift shop discovering a new piece of furniture and painting it, adding some books artistically stacked, a vase of flowers, and on and on. Use your imagination.

BTW on a final note, I mentioned Thrift Store Shopping, and I love it. I have kind of a farm house look and I use old milk bottles for vases and I put in both grocery store flowers and herbs that I grow in my raised bed garden. I have purchased old wooden chairs for as little as a dollar and have found them to be so versatile. Old frames are soooo cheep! They also are useful in many ways. You know that you can frame or just put almost anything up on your walls, right?

So, think about the future as a blank slate. Let go of bad stuff and let’s try it all again in 2022.

Closed Doors?

I understand that this may look like a cold, snowy, nothing day. This is a “closed door” for sure. But wait-I have some words of wisdom for you.

They say that when God closes a door He opens a window. Sometimes though a door closes because it no longer leads to somewhere you should go.”

So, next time it looks like a nothing day, a closed door so to speak, give these suggestions a try:

  1. Call someone
  2. Read a book or magazine you have wanted to look at for a while but not had the time
  3. Bake, Cook, Kitchen Create
  4. Pull it together, dress warm, and go for a walk
  5. If you have a dog, all the better. He is probably dying to go outside
  6. Catch up on Facebook
  7. Write a card or better yet, a real letter, and send it to a friend
  8. Join an on line group but be sure it is free and not tagged
  9. Do a craft-knit, crochet, update recipes, color in your coloring book
  10. Last resort?? Clean your house!