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Good Times/Bad Times

Since May, I have had, just like everybody else I imagine, some good days, some bad days, some really bad days, some ok days and yes, some really great days. In spite of everything, I have actually had some quite super days. When I start to feel down, I try to look back to those days and remember what made them so super. So, here are some shared tips for bringing ourselves UP and not letting the really bad days win.

  1. Get up and take a shower, get dressed, and have a cup of something and eat a little breakfast even if you are not “hungry.”
  2. Do some stretch exercises just for 5 minutes.
  3. Go for a walk, go to the gym, just get outside. Yes, even if it is really cold, put on whatever you need and go out even if it is just for 15 minutes.
  4. Do a 10 minute house job and a 10 minute yard job.
  5. Work on you hobby-If you don’t have a hobby, GET ONE!
  6. Call someone. Make it a point to chat with another grown up even for just a few minutes.
  7. Read the paper.
  8. Read one of “your” books. I read books in a series and I like murder mysteries Agatha Christie style.
  9. Re-arrange some stuff in your house just for fun.
  10. Cook/bake something

A Dear Friend

A very dear friend of ours from Church died suddenly day before yesterday. It really made me think about not only loss and sorrow, but what it means to be a friend. In these times it is so difficult to go out to lunch or shop or go to a movie or so many other things we used to do with friends. Our sense of togetherness is limited to unsatisfactory phone calls and even more unsatisfactory masked encounters.

We must keep up the good fight. Wear a mask. Deep your distance, and try to hold tight with all of your heart. Times simply must be better before too long. This is not about politics or religion. It is about being sure that the relationships we hold dear and the values we care about are kept constant.


There seems lately to be a lot written about the term “Mindfulness.” I have read several pieces in Yoga journals, Prevention Magazine and even in Better Homes and Gardens. It makes me feel really deeply happy to see so many meaningful and well written articles about a method of relaxation and well being development that works, is free, and can really create a healthier lifestyle. As you know, this BLOG is titled “Skating Uphill” and sub-titled Living a Healthy Lifestyle and living mindfully is such a big part of that.

Oh, so what does Mindful mean? Well, I will elaborate more on this in future statements, but for all purposes in general, the word Mindful simply means that one lives in their moment. Do not dwell on the past for better or for worse, and do not worry about the future. Breathe, center and be right where you are.

Food For Thought-No Calories!

I just read in a magazine that big changes are started with small thoughts. I am going to disagree with that. I think any changes are made with and start with small irritations. If something bothers you, you are apt to try to think of a way to change it. The more something bothers you the more apt you are to make bigger changes. Think about it. If something is really getting to you, what can you realistically do about it?

Just For Today

It is a gray day today but I am not letting it get me down and neither should you. I just read my grandson a book called “Count Your Blessings” in which the Berenstein Bears learn how to count their blessings instead of wanting toys and “stuff” seen at a friend’s house. What an eye opener for not only my grandson (aged 5) but me as well. The little bears are sitting in front of a nice fire with mom and dad and being loved and they learn that THAT is the biggest blessing of all. Today, think about someone who cares for you but also think about someone YOU care about and give them a call, a thought, or a prayer!

Do Your Best!

We all try to do our best every day, I think. Some days are better than others, obviously, but that is never an excuse to give up or be discouraged. Okay, I grant you that it may seem like it often, but don’t do it. One of my favorite quotes keeps me optimistic:

“Everything will be all right in the end, and if it is not all right, perhaps it is not the end yet!”