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Yes, this is the Q and A section that has been asked for several times. Ask a question from any of the categories and it will be answered. Shoot me an email and I will answer your question on the Blog or by return mail.

Do you have a recipe to share???

Does anyone out there have a recipe for corn pudding? I had some at a buffet the other day but could not find the person who made it. What a great dish!

It was baked in a large glass pan and placed in a flat basket and served with a spoon. It was pretty solid-did not run off the spoon. It had a sweet taste. Yummy! Any ideas? Please share.

Because It’s Summertime!

Remember that song about “Summertime Summertime, Sum Sum Summertime?” Well, I must tell you that I not only remember it, I live for it. The hot weather suits me down to the ground and my old bones do not creak and I still get a tan. Oh, I know-that is no good any more, but I could care less. Heat is healing in my opinion.

So let’s all relax and make a smoothie-right?

Perfect and Perfectly Easy Fruit Smoothie

Take out your blender and put in a carton of your favorite yogurt, five ice cubes, and any fruits. I use blueberries, strawberries, a banana, and sometimes a little can of lite chopped peaches with liquid. I love peaches but they are very seasonal as you know. I guess I could freeze some. Maybe this year. Anyway, add you favorite juice, I use cranberry juice, and pulse until blended.

You can drink this, freeze it into pops, freeze it into “ice cream” or whatever. Just adjust the amount of juice. This is so simple and so flexible you will use it all summer.



Now That’s a Really Good Question!

The other day a reader asked me why articles and nutritionists, and even Doctors keep recommending different things and often even totally revising or completely change recommendations. Well, the answer is that there is always new science in the nutrition and health areas just as anywhere else in fields where there is ongoing research.

The other thing I must say about this is that YOU may also be changing due to such factors as age, health, weight gain or loss, emotional condition etc. My advice is to keep reading and asking, of course, but also take care of/protect yourself. Don’t keep taking a medication just because it was prescribed five years ago. Let your Dr. know about any changes you may have so that he/she can better do their job. The same with side effects too. Watch it!

Do the same with foods. Watch fad diets or nutrition advice that does not seem right to you. Try something new, yes, but if anything disagrees with you stop at once. Allergies, believe it or not, may come and go. Be aware that you may eat something that has not bothered you before but may hit you big time out of the blue. Also you may have been allergic to something in the past that no longer bothers you.

Be very aware of your own mental and physical health. No one knows YOU like YOU and no one can read your mind. Watch it, and speak up!

And the winner is????

Ads for diet products are fast becoming as rampant on TV as almost anything. Honestly, Marie Osmond did good to loose all of that weight and I am happy for Jillian Michaels and all of those other skinny PELETON people, but would you like to know who is actually the best? Well, this is not an ad or an endorsement by any means, but the winner for the sixth year in a row is Jenny Craig. Don’t ask me why but I actually read that on a very reliable web site. By a large number of criteria, Jenny Craig was pronounced the best weight loss plan to use. So There!