T-Shirts-New Personal Fav

Yes, I now have a new personal favorite T-Shirt:

“I dusted once and it came back-I’m not falling for that again!”

(Seen on the back of a mom in line in the grocery store with one child on her pant leg, one in the cart, and another in the little child seat.)

I dedicate this to those of us who dust and to anyone who has ever dusted!!

T-Shirts-Sent To Me!

This was sent by an older sibling-Obviously the oldest of three:

  1. I’m the oldest-I make the rules.
  2. I’m the middle-I’m the reason we had rules.
  3. I’m the youngest-the rules don’t apply to me.

I thought this was a hoot and the perfect outfits for family reunions!

Yes, Even More T-Shirts!

  1. It clearly states “PRINCESS” on my birth certificate.
  2. Older women who have lots of cats may be suffering from “Many Paws.” (Hilarious, yes!)
  3. Blessed are the hairstylists of this world. they bring out the beauty in others. (I saw this on one of the stylists where I have my hair done.)
  4. Love is how excited your dog gets when you come home. (This was accompanied by a picture of a big mutt looking dog with big feet, long ears, and droopy eyes-the best kind, of course, except for my dog and yours.)
  5. Inside every old person, there is a young person wondering what the hell happened! (This was a personal favorite of mine-don’t ask me why!)
  6. When you can’t find the sunshine, maybe it’s your turn to be the sunshine.

Keep the T-Shirts coming. What a lot of fun!

Yes, More T-Shirts!

This is a fav of mine:

On the back-I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it.

On the front-The Biggest Lie I Tell Myself!

Is that cute or what? Oh, possibly a dig at old people, you think? How about this one, then:

On the back:I don’t have grey hair. I have wisdom highlights.

On the front: I am VERY wise.

On the back: I decided to stop calling the bathroom “JOHN” and started calling it “JIM.”

On the front: I feel great now that I go to the “JIM” regularly!


Big T-Shirt Response!!

As you know if you follow this blog, we have been sharing T-shirt sayings and I have a few more to put out there:

  1. Laugh until you leak-It makes it all seem seen funnier! (Old ladies get this-don’t ask me how I know that.)
  2. Bacon is the Answer-Oh, what was the question?
  3. It clearly states PRINCESS on my birth certificate.
  4. I can’t believe I forgot to go to the gym today. That’s 247 days in a row!
  5. Don’t Grow Up-It’s a Trap!

Got some more-Keep them coming!

Skating Uphill


Judith Lawrenson

March Issue

“Combining a healthy lifestyle feature with a discussion of women who give back? Piece of cake, my friends!”   The Uphill Skater


I go to the dentist. You go to the dentist. Yes, like it or not, we all go to the dentist. Since we all must do it, let’s discuss the benefits of good oral hygiene as it relates to being in a totally healthy good zone. We have talked here in this column about everything from sex to heartburn, to ingrown toenails, so now it is the time, dear ladies, to talk about teeth. I know it is boring-no pun intended- but as I researched the topic for this article, I found out tons of things I did not know.

We all get that you should brush twice a day, right? But, did you know that it is not necessarily a good thing to overbrush? I did not even know what “overbrush” meant until my son was told had had receding gums and had to have tissue grafts to correct the situation. It was expensive, painful and took weeks to heal. So, twice a day with a soft brush, floss, and rinse with a mouth wash.

Flossing is old hat. Everybody’s dentist tells them to flow and I for one almost never do it. I save myself with two relatively new procedures. I have a waterpik. It has a little round soft brush on the end, and I use that instead of the pointed squirty thing. The other thing is a mouth rinse and my dentist tells me that this has proven more and more to be of great value in a program of good oral hygiene. I rinse regularly. It is easy and I like easy. Sorry if this is too personal, ladies, but that’s the facts of the matter.  My dentist recommended Listerine in any flavor. This is not a commercial. As you know Skating Uphill does not do commercials, but I will just say that is what was recommended.

Brushing and rinsing are both good for lots of things as we know. One of the important offshoots of poor dental hygiene is bad breath. Ick, not that! Yes, haven’t you ever sat next to someone or worse yet, been stuck with someone with that awful breath? Well, often bad breath can be a sign of something worse than not brushing your teeth. Decay, gum infection, and even prediabetes can be causes of bad breath. Did you know that poor dental care can even cause poor lung function? Wow!

What else can we do to complete a healthy picture. Well, I hate to go on and on, but pretty much all dentists will tell you two things: quit smoking and cut back seriously on sugared drinks. We do not need another lecture on smoking, obviously, but sugared drinks are a real culprit too. The sweet liquid not only adds empty calories to your diet, but sloshes around your whole mouth and throat and remains on your teeth for hours after consumed unless you brush immediately. No Bueno!!

All those things having been said, and on a bit of a different subject, did you know that there are more women dentists than men. My dental practice is a mother and daughter office. I know what you are thinking, one is a dentist and the other is the hygienist. Wrong. Both are dentists and do implants, retainers, and some oral surgery as well. I love these ladies. The mom is a raw-feed vegan and the daughter is a Southern cook with a capital “S.” I am a vegetarian who eats fish, so we go round and round. The mom was a pioneer in many areas of dental practice and partners with several other offices for a variety of services. She is about seventy and still going really strong, I might add.

Being a woman dentist may not seem earth shattering or world changing to some, but these two women are out to make the world a better place. Both have volunteered in foreign mission, do gratis work for indigent patients, and mentor other young women. We each do what we can for the sisterhood I hope, and try to not only do good for others, but to support each other as achievers, movers, and shakers.  Love, Judith


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PINK Article (February 2019)

Skating Uphill


Judith Lawrenson

February 2019

“February is cold and ugly, but to make up for it we have Valentine’s Day and a big President’s Day Weekend, right?”    The Uphill Skater

Yes, February is so very cold and we are all tired of it and know that it is not going away any time soon do we not? Well, yes we do. The question not becomes, “What are we prepared to do about it?” I for one am going to jump on it. I love Valentine’s Day and plan to think of something to do n the long weekend-so there. I know you get tired of tips and suggestions, but get used to it because here are some more-some ways to celebrate love and loved ones, good hearty foods, and something fun to do.

My husband and I were so poor on our first anniversary that we decided to just stay home and do nothing and not to even exchange gifts. We actually had such a great time, we decided to keep doing just that and we cherish the tradition. We long ago decided to do a big Valentine’s Day instead and we have kept that tradition too. One of our best ideas was to plan and prepare a candlelight dinner for ourselves. We actually used a cook book and made a lovely 4 course dinner and secretly wrote each other a love letter and put it under the other’s plate. We had such a memorable evening that we now do that frequently. So, suggestion 1 is to find a thing you like to do with someone you love and give it a special twist and maybe it will take hold. It is so empowering to a relationship to have traditions.

Now, something fun to do on a holiday weekend? Well, since this column is about living a healthy lifestyle in all of its definitions, let’s look at something healthy. If you are able, financially and time wise, by all means pack up and go somewhere. Get out of the house. Do whatever you can to do that. Go for a drive, go to a granny’s house, visit friends, whatever! If you can’t, don’t worry. There are still other fun things to do just for a change. Here is a suggestion I read in a children’s magazine years ago and have used several times. I set up a room in the house as a craft camp. I moved furniture back and put up a card table and covered the floor with a big blue drop cloth and we went to camp for the better part of 2 days. We were home, of course, so we had naps, meals etc. but all other time was spent in the camp. We worked with paint, clay, finger paint, leggo, big blocks and so on, but we also made a woven mat to hang on the wall and some other great crafts. My husband got behind it too and took the kids, and a couple of their friends who came in on the fun, out to the garage to make a bird house. What a hit!