I still get a tan every summer and I probably always will. I love the look and feel of it and I love to lie in the sun. These days, though, we all know better. This is what I do to avoid the dreaded skin cancer and other related problems. I start with UV 30 and then I go down to 20 then down to 8. I use lots of sunscreen and use an “after sun” lotion every evening.

My brand is Coppertone for sunscreen and for after soothe I use Sun Bum. This is not a commercial-I just like these brands., especially Coppertone. To me it has always smelled like the beach on a sunny day.

Do watch it, but also don’t miss the sun. It feels so warm and lovely on your skin and it is a great¬† source of Vitamin D as well. If you are fair, slather up. However you chose to do it,¬† get outdoors-ENJOY!

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