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Random thoughts I felt were worthy of passing along


I still get a tan every summer and I probably always will. I love the look and feel of it and I love to lie in the sun. These days, though, we all know better. This is what I do to avoid the dreaded skin cancer and other related problems. I start with UV 30 and then I go down to 20 then down to 8. I use lots of sunscreen and use an “after sun” lotion every evening.

My brand is Coppertone for sunscreen and for after soothe I use Sun Bum. This is not a commercial-I just like these brands., especially Coppertone. To me it has always smelled like the beach on a sunny day.

Do watch it, but also don’t miss the sun. It feels so warm and lovely on your skin and it is a great  source of Vitamin D as well. If you are fair, slather up. However you chose to do it,  get outdoors-ENJOY!

Because It’s Summertime!

Remember that song about “Summertime Summertime, Sum Sum Summertime?” Well, I must tell you that I not only remember it, I live for it. The hot weather suits me down to the ground and my old bones do not creak and I still get a tan. Oh, I know-that is no good any more, but I could care less. Heat is healing in my opinion.

So let’s all relax and make a smoothie-right?

Perfect and Perfectly Easy Fruit Smoothie

Take out your blender and put in a carton of your favorite yogurt, five ice cubes, and any fruits. I use blueberries, strawberries, a banana, and sometimes a little can of lite chopped peaches with liquid. I love peaches but they are very seasonal as you know. I guess I could freeze some. Maybe this year. Anyway, add you favorite juice, I use cranberry juice, and pulse until blended.

You can drink this, freeze it into pops, freeze it into “ice cream” or whatever. Just adjust the amount of juice. This is so simple and so flexible you will use it all summer.




Back in the dim and distant past, last Fall I mean, I planted 50, yes, 50 bulbs and now they are all up and so very beautiful.

My daughter-in-law helped me to select both the bulbs and a good place to put them and boy, was she right. I look out my bedroom window and there they are all in three rows just looking back at me.

My first job, many years ago, was teaching kindergarten. When the daffodils bloomed in Spring I used to teach the kids this poem and we would make the flowers out of painted yellow paper plates and yellow muffin cups:

A little yellow cup,

A little yellow frill,

A little yellow star,

And that’s a daffodil!

Check out a daffodil and have a look-yes? Now go out and buy a bouquet and enjoy!

Love, Judith

SNOW and ever so much more!

My dear friends and readers-It is snowing here and I really mean snowing. The ground is covered, I can’t see my deck, and the trees are a Christmas Tree white. We have just returned from Fla. where the temp was 75 and we were walking on the beach every morning. Our little dog did not know what hit him when he went outside this morning.

We returned to the news, as I guess everyone must. Bombs in Texas, cities dropping out of the California sanctuary status declared by the state, Build The Wall!, no budget, and DACA again being shamelessly used as a tool for political gain. Congress facing yet another crisis over gun control and still another school shooting-no addressing the true cause which is mental health issues among our young people who are committing suicide at an alarming rate and more people dying of drug overdose that in our last three wars!

I would just like to put out there one thought. President Trump said in a campaign speech over a year ago that when our debt reached 24 trillion dollars, that was the tipping point-the point where we could never pay it off. This morning I heard a senator say that we are spending money at the rate of over a million dollars a minute. Last night a commentator declared that illegal aliens have defrauded the IRS by as much as 2.6 million dollars a year. Government waste is chronic. I could go on and on and so could you.


(Yes, I am bitter this morning because it is STILL snowing!)

Bad weather day!

It is cold here today. I wish you warmth wherever YOU are, but today we had light snow, freezing rain, and fog-yes, all in one day. The good news is that the trees are covered with ice and look like the most beautiful Christmas card you have ever seen.

So, on a bad day:

  1. Read a good magazine. I like Good Housekeeping or the Magnolia Journal
  2. Do a crossword puzzle. I do the one in my newspaper.
  3. Bake something. I am making the 2 ingredient Angel Food Cake. One can of crushed pineapple, (20 oz.) One box of Angel Food Cake mix-I use Duncan Hines. Just follow directions.
  4. Light a candle, put on some music and take a bath.

Boy, I feel better already? How about YOU?

Thought For The Day

I have a little wooden sign hanging on the knob of my kitchen shelf that says “DREAM.” I love it because it reminds me daily that so many dreams actually do come true. Remember the song that says “If you ain’t got a dream, how ya gonna make a dream come true?” Well, believe it.

If you do have a dream, a goal, an ambition, or even a secret yearning you will have a pretty dry life in my opinion. If you want a pick- me- up, watch a program on HGTV on a Friday night called “My Lottery Dream Home” and enjoy the fun. Lottery winners are taken to homes they might purchase with part of their newly found $$$$ and it is a hoot. The presenter really makes the show. He is enthusiastic, fun and supportive equally for a 100K house or a 10 million dollar house and the guests get in the spirit of the task. Talk about a happy show!!

Anyway, I’m just saying-Dream a little and maybe things will look up for you.  Love, Judith

Words To Live By

They say that beauty is only skin deep, but I say if that is the case, girl, you better take really good care of your skin!!

On that note, I recently read in Good Housekeeping Magazine that Oil of Olay is their top pick for the price in skin moisturizers. The Olay Regenerist, that is. It won over products costing up to $400, and I buy two jars for $36 at Sam’s Club.  Yes,  I actually happen really to use it and I have for so many years that my daughter calls it Oil of Old Lady. 

It works for me. I alternate once in a while so that I am not using the same thing all the time and my second favorite is the amazing avocado. Mash half an avocado with a tea spoon of mayo and spread it all over your face. If you are feeling bold, put it in your hair too! leave on for five minutes then rinse it all off in the shower.

Let me know how you like it.

Are You Kidding Me???

There was a time when people ate more than 350 different types of plants in a year.  Now, the number is less than 50!

Markham Regional Arboretum Society


I found this in a cook book and checked it out. It is actually true. The current lack of variety in our plant based diets is attributed to several factors. Among them is the fact that there are fewer home gardens, lack of choice in grocery stores, and fewer farmer’s markets. Another factor is that there simply is not the demand for foods that are considered exotic.

Again, I found this hard to believe, but check out your grocery store produce counter: broccoli, corn, salad ingredients (Lettuce/tomatoes/ green onions) some squashes, carrots, a bunch of bagged salads, and imported fruits.

This is not a complaint, but I do wonder not only about lack of variety, but about the fact that statistics also show that many people simply do not cook anymore. What do YOU think?

Love, Judith

PS-We have many farmer’s markets around here in season and I shop/love them, but even here there is a lack of variety.


I live in a pretty cold climate. Yes, it is cold here and the wind howls up to 30 miles per hour. It is 16 degrees today. Last night I made a big mistake. I watched a program called Island Life on HGTV. A couple was looking to buy a vacation home in the Abacos Islands and everyone on the show had on a bathing suit and a lovely tan. they were splashing around in the ocean, scuba diving, and sitting outside eating fried shrimp. What a downer.

OK, so on to the next-I now vow to not let the cold get me down! I am going to go someplace every day and bundle up so as not to be defeated by mother nature. I live here and I love it so let’s MOVE ON, fellow cold weather guys!