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T-Shirts-New Personal Fav

Yes, I now have a new personal favorite T-Shirt:

“I dusted once and it came back-I’m not falling for that again!”

(Seen on the back of a mom in line in the grocery store with one child on her pant leg, one in the cart, and another in the little child seat.)

I dedicate this to those of us who dust and to anyone who has ever dusted!!

T-Shirts-Sent To Me!

This was sent by an older sibling-Obviously the oldest of three:

  1. I’m the oldest-I make the rules.
  2. I’m the middle-I’m the reason we had rules.
  3. I’m the youngest-the rules don’t apply to me.

I thought this was a hoot and the perfect outfits for family reunions!

Yes, Even More T-Shirts!

  1. It clearly states “PRINCESS” on my birth certificate.
  2. Older women who have lots of cats may be suffering from “Many Paws.” (Hilarious, yes!)
  3. Blessed are the hairstylists of this world. they bring out the beauty in others. (I saw this on one of the stylists where I have my hair done.)
  4. Love is how excited your dog gets when you come home. (This was accompanied by a picture of a big mutt looking dog with big feet, long ears, and droopy eyes-the best kind, of course, except for my dog and yours.)
  5. Inside every old person, there is a young person wondering what the hell happened! (This was a personal favorite of mine-don’t ask me why!)
  6. When you can’t find the sunshine, maybe it’s your turn to be the sunshine.

Keep the T-Shirts coming. What a lot of fun!

Yes, More T-Shirts!

This is a fav of mine:

On the back-I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it.

On the front-The Biggest Lie I Tell Myself!

Is that cute or what? Oh, possibly a dig at old people, you think? How about this one, then:

On the back:I don’t have grey hair. I have wisdom highlights.

On the front: I am VERY wise.

On the back: I decided to stop calling the bathroom “JOHN” and started calling it “JIM.”

On the front: I feel great now that I go to the “JIM” regularly!


Big T-Shirt Response!!

As you know if you follow this blog, we have been sharing T-shirt sayings and I have a few more to put out there:

  1. Laugh until you leak-It makes it all seem seen funnier! (Old ladies get this-don’t ask me how I know that.)
  2. Bacon is the Answer-Oh, what was the question?
  3. It clearly states PRINCESS on my birth certificate.
  4. I can’t believe I forgot to go to the gym today. That’s 247 days in a row!
  5. Don’t Grow Up-It’s a Trap!

Got some more-Keep them coming!

Seven Winter Dinner Ideas!

  1. Vegetable Soup-this is a “DUMP” recipe. Use any old veggies. I start with a carrot stump, a can of diced tomatoes, leftover broccoli, a couple of potatoes I cook in the microwave first then chop, any broth I have or a can of commercial vegetable  soup just for a starter, a small can of corn and or green beans, and so on. Bring all to a boil and simmer for a while. If you want to get fancy, take a cup of the soup out of the pot and process it in your blender. It thickens the soup to almost a stew and makes it all very hearty. Serve with french bread or again, get fancy, and make garlic bread.
  2. Salmon or any other fish-Serve with rice and a veg. Make a bit extra and feature fish tacos for another meal. I had some fabulous fish tacos at a restaurant recently and instead of lettuce and tomato, they were served with a sweet cold slaw filling!
  3. Burrito-Use your imagination for any filling you choose-some suggestions are bacon and eggs, any meat, lettuce, tomato and cheese, simply melted cheese and a slice of deli ham, the classic burrito and on and on!
  4. I love breakfast for dinner-How about a waffle? Yes, the old classic wedding present of a waffle iron has made a come back. Waffles, a little marg. and some nice syrup or jam and add perhaps an egg or bacon or ham and Mmmmm!
  5. OK-Tonight either call out for a pizza or heat one up. My favorite by far is Freshetta. I like the square one with four cheeses. I add pineapple tidbits and just have that in the family room while watching HGTV. We all deserve it once in a while.
  6. Now is the time for your fish tacos folks.
  7. Ground beef or soy crumbles-I recommend Morning Star Farms. You can make lasagne, Pedro’s Pie, meatloaf, chili, or any number of things.Another favorite is Popeye’s Special which is eggs, ground beef and a package of frozen spinach, drained. Just fry it all in a pan. My husband calls this a Train Smash, by the way.   Always make extra with these dishes and freeze.                                 One week of easy meals-Right?